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Woman, you did not find sufficient money did you?
Γυναι, μη εύρες ίκανον αργυριον;
for the rulers
τοις αρχουσιν
The teacher himself sent his own children
αυτος 'ο διδασκαλος επεμψεν τους ιδιους παιδας
into the vineyard
εις τον αμπελωνα
the night and the day will (do)not remain
ή νυξ και ή ήμερα ου μενουσιν
for ever and ever
εις τους αιωνας των αιωνων
after these things we looked at the star with them
μετα ταυτα εθεωρησαμεν τον αστερα μετ αυτων
we announced that he was a Savior for women
απηγγειλαμεν ότι εστιν σωτηρ ταις γυναιξιν
their flesh is weak but...
αυτων ή σαρξ ασθενει, αλλα...
the witnesses are being saved by grace
οί μαρτυρες σωζονται τή χαριτι
they worked with the hands and the feet
ηργασαντο ταις χερσιν και τοις ποσιν
the savior is above the teacher, because....
ό σωτηρ εστιν ύπερ τον διδασκαλον, ότι...
he died on behalf of the sheep
απεθανεν ύπερ των προβατων
beautiful daughters will become
καλαι θυγατερες γενησονται
like their mothers
όμοιαι ταις μητρασιν αυτων
in the last month
εν τώ εσχατώ μηνι
hope will abound
περισσευσει ή ελπις
because of this they will carry the image
δια τουτο οίσουσιν την εικονα
through the temple
δια του ίερου
apart from the flesh of the Son
χωρις της σαρκος του υίου
we shall not have eternal life in ourselves
ουχ έξομεν αιωνιον ζωην εν έαυτοις
because the girl is under authority
ότι ή παις εστιν ύπο εξουσιαν
she is not tempted by the devil
ου πειραζεται ύπο του διαβολου
because we are not under law but under grace
ότι ουκ εσμεν ύπο νομον αλλ' ύπο χαριν
the husband and the wife are the same flesh
ό ανηρ και ή γυνη εισιν ή αυτη σαρξ