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True or False

Manufactures and distributors must register annually
How long is the registration for dispensers effective for?
3 years
Under what circumstances could a person be exempt from registration under the CSA?
1) Agent/employee of registered manufacturer, distributor or dispenser

2) Common or contract carrier or warehouseman

3) The ultimate user who possesses such substance for a lawful purpose

4) Officials of the armed services, public health services,or bureau of prisons who are authorized to prescribe, dispense, administer
True or False

Officials of the armed services, public health services,or bureau of prisons may purchase controlled substances without registration
Name the nine activities that require registration
1) Manufacturing
2) Distributing
3) Reverse distributing
4) Dispensing
5) Conducting research with Sched I substances
6) Conducting research with Sched II-V substances
7) Conducting chemical analyses
8) Importation
9) Exportation
What code is given to each intern, resident or foreign-trained physician authorized to work under a registered individual?
Registered DEA number preceded by a hyphen

Ex: AP1234567-10
Define: "Dispenser"
An individual practitioner, institutional practitioner, pharmacy or pharmacist
True or False

Pharmacies do not have to registered under the CSA if they follow the 5% rule
What is the 5% rule?
No more than 5% of controlled substances are dispensed and distributed in the same calender year
Define: "Dispensing"
The act of delivering a controlled substance to an ultimate user
What form is used to return any Schedule I or II substances?
DEA Form 222
True or False

Practitioners are required to register in order to return controlled substances
True or False

A chain of pharmacies can maintain just one controlled substances registrations per CSA guidelines

Each location must have its own registration
How far in advance does the DEA send forms for re-registration?
60 days
What form must be completed in order to register as a dispenser?
DEA Form 224
What does the first letter of a DEA number signify?
Designates the type of facility or individual to who the DEA number pertains to
What does the second letter of a DEA number signify?
First letter of the registrants last name


First letter of a business' first name
True or False

Registration with the DEA must be renewed every 2 years

It is every 3 years
True or False

One cannot re-registered more than 60 days from the date of expiration of the current registration
What form must be completed for an individual to re-register with the DEA?
DEA Form 224a
What form must be completed for a business to re-register with the DEA?
DEA Form 224b
True or False

If a business changes their address, a new DEA registration is required
How much notice must the DEA be given before a transfer of a business?
At least 14 days
True or False

It is acceptable to delegate prescriptive authority to another agent provided they have prescriptive authority under state law?
What is the letter designation given to mid-level practitioners for their DEA number?
How do you check the validity of a DEA number?
1) Add the first, third and fifth digits
2) Add the second, fourth and sixth digits; then multiply by 2
3) Add the numbers from Step 1 and Step 2 together
4) The right most digit of the sum should be the same as the last digit in the DEA number
True or False

If a CS prescription lacks the patient's address, or has an incorrect address, it is acceptable to the pharmacist to add or modify it
What cannot be modified on a Schedule II prescription via oral communication?
1) Name of the CS
2) Strength
3) Dosage form
4) Quantity prescribed
True or False

When mailing a CS, the outside packaging it is shipped in must be free of identifiable markings of the contents
What is DEA Form 225 used for?
New or initial registration of a site handling CS products.

This is either a manufacturing, distribution, research, treatment program, import/export or chemical analysis site

If renewing, use form 225a
What is the first letter of the DEA number for a manufacturing facility?
What is the first letter of the DEA number for a distribution facility?
True or False

Manufacturing and Distribution facilities renew their registrations every 3 years

They are renewed every year
What is the first letter of the DEA number for a research facility?
What is the first letter of the DEA number for a narcotic treatment program?
N, P, R, S, T or U
What is the first letter of the DEA number for importing/exporting CS products?
J for importing

K for exporting
What is the first letter of the DEA number for a chemical analysis facility?
What are two ways you can verify DEA registration numbers? - Subscription service - Free, but you must enter your own DEA registration number
What is the leading letter in the DEA number for practitioners?
A, B, C or F
What is the leading letter for in the DEA number for mid-level practitioners?
If a practitioner is being assigned a DEA number for the first time today, what would be the leading letter of it?

Previous letters have been exhausted