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What is the purpose of the Poison Prevention Packaging Act?
To protect children from accidental poisonings with "household substance".

This lead to child-resistant packaging for drug products
What is the legal requirement for the difficulty of child-resistant packaging?
80% of children under 5 years of age cannot open

90% of adults can open
What must be printed on non-child resistant packaging?
"This Package for Households Without Young Children"


"Package Not Child Resistant"
What are some instances in which a product is exempt from child-resistant packaging?
- Non-Rx products for the elderly
- Sublingual Nitroglycerin
- Steroid "dose-paks"
- Oral contraceptives
What is required on the label of a prescription?
1) Name and address of licensed facility from which dispensed
2) Phone number of pharmacy if out of state
3) The date the Rx was dispensed
4) The Rx number
5) Name of prescriber
6) Patient name
7) Directions for use
8) Name and strength of drug
9) Symptom or Purpose if given
True or False

A prescriber can declare that they do not wish to have the drug name printed on the label
True - For some reason
What additional labeling is included on sterile products?
1) Control or lot number
2) Expiration date and time
3) Appropriate auxiliary labeling including precautions
4) Storage Requirements
5) Identification of responsible pharmacist