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Exclusion by general consent from common privileges or social acceptance
Chris was ostracized by everyone because he treated everyone like trash.
The action of understanding, being aware of the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner
My friends have the amazing ability to empathize with me whenever I am feeling down.
Very satisfactory
I felt copacetic about the fact that he didn't forget me.
To scold or correct usually gently or with kindly intent
I reprove Nancy all the time for being disgusting.
Censure formally usually from a position of authority
Synonym of reprove
A psychotic disorder characterized by loss of contact with the environment, by noticeable deterioration in the level of functioning in everyday life, and by disintegration of personality expressed as disorder of feeling, thought, perception, and behavior
In the Grudge, the characters appear to suffer from schizophrenia but they are actually being attacked.
Abundant, common. Prevalent especially to an increasing degree
The article was rife with grammatical and factual errors.
Done by secretive means
My friends must have been surreptitious when planning my surprise party because I was totally surprised.
Subdued; kept from being circulated
My need for daily exercise was suppressed by a pesky stomachache.
v. To become bone; to become rigidly conventional, to mold into a conventional pattern
As a child develops to maturity, some of the cartilage around his nose ossifies.
To abrade, to wear the skin off; to denounce scathingly
Close contact with the flame had excoriated the tips of my fingers.
To be obsessed with trivialities; to quibble, to constantly find fault with
After watching meticulous Mary spend hours on the final details of the presentation, he screamed out, "Stop niggling at that thing, and let's just hand it in."
To behave (oneself) in a particular manner; to agree; to suit
Considering the dire situation in which our hero found herself, she comported herself with courage and dignity, refraining from all but the quietest whimper for help.
To agitate; to move violently
We commoved bananas, strawberries, sugar, lime juice, ice, and rum in the blender for a refreshing summer drink.
n. The use of an excess of words to express an idea when only a few words would make the same statement clear to anyone who could see with his own eyes; superfluity
The warmth of their greeting was enough; the kiss on the lips a pleonasm.
To make worse or more severe
If you scratch your mosquito bites, you will only exacerbate the itching!
To calm or soothe; to reduce in emotional tensity
Irene's desire for revenge was so strong that nothing could mollify her ire.
Thick; sticky
Nancy knew that she had drank from the wrong cup when instead of water she got a mouthful of a sour, viscous liquid.
To publicly praise or promote
Koki touted his unique features to try to make us pay him for getting naked in the cafeteria.
Peculiar to a particular region; indigenous
Koki is endemic to outer space.
Quick, keen, or accurate knowledge or insight
Everyone was impressed with my acumen in deciphering the complex fobby words that came out of Koki's mouth.
Impenetrable by light; not reflecting light
It is important for bathroom doors to be relatively opaque; it would be rather awkward if they were transparent (though some hentai people would enjoy this).
Deviation from the normal order, form, or rule; abnormality
Koki is normally a very baka person; his smartness was certainly an anomaly :D
To abolish, repeal, or nullify
I do not want to abrogate the rule that everyone has to refer to me as the sexiest thing ever.
Difficult to understand
Nancy can be very abstruse at times; yet, there are times where I can easily empathize for her.
Extremely hopeless or wretched; bottomless
At times, I feel like an abysmal. But I feel better when I look at Koki's funny face.
An award or honor
I should receive an accolade for being so sexy.
Bitter, sour, severe
The fish tasted acerbic. Koki's cooking was barely palatable.
Easy to talk to; friendly
One of Koki's characteristics that I'd have to compliment him on would be the fact that he is so affable.
To permit or allow; to enable
I cannot afford to lose any more braincells.
Collection of things mixed together; the sum total
The food that we ate aggregates up to more than five thousand dollars.
To distribute, assign, or allot
That weird person allocated me this raffle ticket.
Standoffish, uninvolved, keeping one's distance
I feel really aloof among my friends sometimes; it really makes me depressed.
To make better or more tolerable
I ameliorate the sadness I feel over my crush by laughing my heart out.
Out of place in time or history
Doesn't it feel that you're so anachronistic when you go to an undeveloped region of the world?
Something or someone loathed or detested
Chris is something of an anathema to many people.
Subordinate; providing assistance
The ancillary toothpick held up my entire project.
To make void, usually refers to marriage
Instead of a divorce, Ross wanted to annul the marriage with Rachel Greene.
The study of human cultures
I'm not really into anthropology.
In opposition, contrary to
The Da Vinci Code is something considered rather antithetical to religion.
One who deserts his or her professed principles or faith
I daresay that I never want to be an apostate, for I believe in Him.
Elevation to divine status; the perfect example of something
I must be an apotheosis to all that is sexy.
To take without permission; to set aside for a particular use
He appropriated my dream by writing it into a novel which he called as his own.
An original model or pattern
My friends seem to follow some sort of archetype after meeting me. They all become big dorks?
I am ardent about keeping memories.
A storehouse of weapons
Thank God that arsenals aren't common in Irvine.
To determine with certainty; to find out definitely
I have to ascertain just exactly who he likes, so that I can make myself get over him.
Hardworking, diligent, busy
Koki's a very assiduous person.
To soothe, pacify, or relieve
Nancy can't assuage me for beans. She's so vexing.
Gradual wearing away; a natural or expected decrease in size or number
Food naturally undergoes attrition whenever my piggy friends are around.