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What is the definition of location?
There are two types of location, relative and absolute. Relative tells the relative location of a place (ex. the Washington Monument is in D.C. close to the Potomac River)and absolute is the exact location of a place usually using latitude, longitude and an address.
What is the definition of place?
A place is a point or area with special features.
What is the definition of Movement?
How people, goods, or ideas get from one place to another.
What is the definition of region?
region is a area with common features such as mountains, hills, lakes, rivers, sandy beaches, etc.
What is the definition of Human-Environment-Interaction?
There are two types of H-E-I, adaptation and change. Adaptation is how a living thing adapts to fit nature and change is how nature changes to fit our needs.
When your giving the cordinets for a place, what comes first, latitude or longitude?
Latitude then Longetude
What are the four map essentials?
Compose Rose, Title, Scale, and Key
What is a compose rose?
directions telling you North, South, East, and West
What is a title?
a heading
What is scale?
the ration of distance on a map to distance in real life
What is a key or legend?
what each symbol is on a map
(ex. ------- is a highway)