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What are two explanations for how we perceive motion
persistence of vision, phi phenomenon
Persistence of visioN/
the images move too fast for the eye so the black space isnt seen; has been disproved
Phi phenomenon?
closes the shutter between frames, black space, that is cancelled by persistence of vision
What is process during intermittent movement?
movement of the camera where the film is pulled down so that each frame is projected; the shutter blocks the screen while the pull-down claw pulls the film down; registration pin holds the film in place as it is exposed to the screen
What does the pull down claw do on the motion pic cam
pulls the film down frame by frame
what does the shutter do on the motion pic cam
it blocks the projection while the film is pulled down by the pdclaw
What is the role of the registration pin in the motion pic cam
holds the film in place as the frame is exposed
what is the exposure time and shutter angle formula?
Exposure time (shutterspeed) = (1/shutter speed) * (angle of shutter opening / 360)
shutterspeed ^ 2 = angle of shutter opening / 360
What is overcranking?
you shoot at 48 fps so when you play back it is in slow motion
What is undercranking? how fast is it shot?
you shoot at 12fps so when you play back it is fast motion
What are the calculated lengths for 16mm and 35mm?
16 mm is 36 feet per minute
35 mm is 90 feet per minute
What are the layers of black and white film?
antihalation backing
What are the layers of color film?
blue emulsion
yellow dye
green emulsion
magenta dye
red emulsion
cyan dye
antihalation backing
how does the human eye color balance?
the human eye adjusts so that the light source looks white
What temperture is tungsten film balanced to? daylight?
What color is an 80a filter? *H
in poisonwood bible, a-d-a (80a) is sad = blue
What color is an 85 filter?
What color filter do you use if you are shooting tungsten balanced outdoors?
amber (85)
What color filter do you use if you are shooting daylight balanced film in a tungsten situation?
blue (80a)
What are two ways of keeping track of film?
edge numbers/key numbers
key code
What are edge numbers/key numbers?
they are phtographically imprinted between sproket holes on raw film to keep track of film
What is key code?
it is an electronically readable version of edge numbers/key numbers, used to keep track of film; it is like a barcode
How do you read the edge numbers?
the first 4 numbers are the date and batch, the rest are sequential numberings
What is analog vid recording?
Turning the video wave into an electrical signal
What is digital vid recording
Turns the video into 0s and 1s
is analog or digital vid recording superior? why?
digital, does not degrade when copied
How does video recording work? what are the possible differences in video cameras?
light strikes the ccd (charge coupled device), which is covered with light sensitive pixels that convert the light into a complex electrical signal; 3 chip (rgb) or one chip
What are the 4 video camera controls? H*
exposure (fstops), exposure index (light sensitivity), depth of field, and color balance
WHat are the three video standards?
Which video standard is the US interlaced standard?
Frame rates: how many fps:
NTSC: 29.97 fps
pal/secam: 25
hdtv: many different: 23.98p, 24p, 25p, 30p, 50i, 59.94i, 60i
Interlaced lines: how many
ntsc: 525
pal/secam: 625
hdtv: 1080 only (720 or 1080 horizontal lines/vertical )pixels
What is progressive (with relation to video standards), which video standard uses it?
only hdtv, all the slices of the frame are put on sequentially, both 720 and 1080 have this
Which frames for hdtv can use interlaced?
only 1080
What is important about resolutiON?
the more pixels the better
How many pixels does ntsc have?
How many pixels does pal/secam have?
not mentioned
How many pixles does hdtv have?
720 or 1080, 1080 only can be interlaced, both 720 and 1080 can be progressive
What is a new frame rate that is trying to get into hdtv and ntsc?
Are variable frame rate cameras expensive?
yes sdflkjsdlfjlkjYES
What is the video equivalent of keynumbers/edge numbers
What is timecode? what are the 2 types?
how to keep track of frames when videotaping; drop frame timecode and non-drop frame timecode
What is drop frame? is it in video or film?
drops an average of 1.8 frame NUMBERS per minute to account for the 29.97ness
What is non-drop frame timecode
does not drop the 1.8 frames per minute to account for 29.97ness
how fast does film run?
How do you transfer film to video? why is this difficult?
three-two pulldown; becaue film runs at 24 fps and video runs at 30 fps
What is the 3-2 pulldown?
every other frame of film you copy to 3 frames of video instead of 2frames, because transfer film->video not the same fps
What complications does the 3-2 pulldown cause
trouble with ntsc, you have to slow down the audio because it is not true 30 fps, it is 29.97
How is keycode transferred to video in the 3-2 pulldown?
with flex files --> timecode