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ri (logic)

king, ri = logic
shu (lord)

drop, king = lord
chuu (pour)

water, lord = pour
chuu (pillar)

tree, lord = pillar
kin (gold)

(whole with two drops) = gold
sen (pig iron)

gold, before = pig iron
hatsu (bowl)

gold, book = bowl
sei (copper)

gold, same = copper
choo (angling)

gold, ladle = angling
shin (needle)

gold, needle = needle
mei (inscription)

gold, name = inscription
chin (tranquillize)

gold, true = tranquillize
too (road-way)

neck, road = roadway
doo (guidance)

road-way, glue = guidance
tsuji (crossing)

(cross), road = crossing
jin (swift)

fishhook, crossing = swift
zoo (create)

revelation, road = create
paku (urge)

white, road = urge
too (escape)

turtle, road = escape
hen (environs)

sword, road = environs
jun (patrol)

flood, road = patrol
sha (car)
ren (take along)

car, road = take along
ki (rut)

car, nine (baseball team) = rut
yu (transport)

car, meeting, butcher = transport
(butcher = flesh, sabre)
zen (in front)

horns, butcher = (in front)