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Turner syndrome
X only
missing second sex chrsomsome
total of 45
3X of a chromosome
instead of normal 2X
Trisomy 16
okay, think you can handle that!
nondisjuction producing monosomy/trisomy are related
Where would this originate?
meiosis I & II both
think about it, draw it out (Pg 15)
mitotic disjunction - condition produced has a term
mosaicism - happens early in mitosis of embryonic cells.
creates a portion of normal/abnormal cells
effects depend on number of abnormal
effects resemble meoitic disjunction individuals
innappropriate joining of chromosomes due to breakage and joining
Trisomy 21
Down Syndrome
growth retardation
varying mental retardation
craniofacial abnormalities
Trisomy 18
mental retardation
flexion of hands and fingers
death within 2 months
Trisomy 13
mental retardation
eye defects
90% die within 1st yr
Klinefelter Syndrome
males only
testicular atrophy at puberty
XXY sex chromosomes - barr body of inactivated sex chromosome
Triple X
two sex chromatin bodies in cell