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3 Types of Veins in the brain:
1. Superficial Cerebral veins
2. Deep cerebral veins
3. Venous sinuses
What are the 5 Superficial cerebral veins?
1. Superior cerebral veins
2. Inferior cerebral veins
3. Superficial middle cerebral v
4. Superior anastomotic vein
5. Inf anastomotic vein
What areas are drained by the Superior cerebral vein?
Frontal lobe
Parietal lobe
Occipital lobe
Where does the Superior cerebral vein flow into?
Upward into sup sagittal sinus
What areas are drained by the Inferior cerebral vein?
Temporal lobe
Occipital lobe
Where does the Inferior cerebral vein flow into?
Transverse and Petrosal Sinuses
Where is the Superficial Middle Cerebral Vein located?
SMCV - in the lateral fissure
Where does SMCV drain into?
Cavernous sinus
What is the function of the Superior anastomotic vein?
Connects the SMCV to superior sagittal sinus