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What is unique about cerebral veins?
They don't follow arteries; they cross borders between neighboring arterial territories.
What drains upward from frontal, parietal, and occipital lobes into the superior sagittal sinus?
Superior cerebral veins
What drains into the transverse and petrosal sinuses from the temporal and occipital lobes?
Inferior cerebral veins
What large vein sits in the Lateral fissure and drains anteriorly into the cavernous sinus?
Superficial middle cerebral vein
What runs along the central sulcus and connects the SMCV to superior sagittal sinus?
Superior anastomotic vein (of trolard)
What runs diagnoally across the temporal lobe and connects the SMCV to the transverse sinus?
Inferior anastomic vein (of Labbe)
What pair of veins runs overtop the Thalamus and drains into the vein of galen?
Internal cerebral veins
What veins run along the base of the cerebrum to drain the orbit, insula and med temporal lobe?
Basal veins (of rosenthal)
Where do the Basal veins ultimately dump into?
Vein of galan
What short fat vein is located in the midline below the splenium of corpus callosum?
Great cerebral vein of Galen
Where does the Great vein of galen drain into?
The Straight Sinus
Between what 2 layers are the Venous Sinuses located?
Between the periosteal and meningeal layers of Dura Mater
What venous sinus is located in the midline along the superior margin of the falx?
Superior sagittal sinus
What venous sinus is located at the midline junction of the posterior falx and tentorium?
Straight sinus
What are the venous sinuses that run from the sinus confluence anterolaterally in each lateral tentorium?
The transverse sinuses
Where do the sagittal and straight sinuses drain into?
The sinus confluence
Where do the inferior cerebral veins and superior petrosal sinus drain?
Into the transverse sinuses
Where do the transverse sinuses drain?
Into the sigmoid sinus
Where does the sigmoid sinus drain?
Into the internal jugular vein
What is the network of venous channels that surrounds sella turcica?
The cavernous sinus
What vein drains into the cavernous sinuses?
The superficial middle cerebral vein from the lateral fissure
What does the cavernous sinus drain into posteriorly? Anteriorly?
Posteriorly: petrosal sinuses
Anteriorly: pterygoid plexus