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...In view of our decision that the Constituition prohibits the states from maintaining racially segregated public schools, it would be unthinkable that teh same Constitution would impose a lesser duty on the Federal Govt. We hold that racial segregation in the public schools of D.C. is denial of Due Process law guaranteed by 5th Ammendment

The opinions expressed in this decision are closest to those of
Brown v. The Board of Education
Which statement about liberty is the Supreme Court Justice who wrote this decision likely to agree with
Segregation denies black people their liberty
The case that formed the exclusionary rule was
Mapp v. Ohio
The "Miranda warning" represents an attempt to protect criminal suspects against
unfair police interrogation
Griswold v. Connecticut & Roe v. Wade are similar in that both cases are based on the
right of privacy
The wall of separation doctribe refers to the
Division of church & state
In Miranda v. Arizona, the United States Supreme Court declared that
police must inform criminal suspects of their constitutional rights before questining suspects after arrest
in the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that upheld a womans right to secure an abortion was based on the right to
privacy implied in the bill of rights
The clear-and-present danger test devised by the Supreme Court was designed to define the conditions under which public authorities could
limit free speech
The 'free exercise' clause precludes all of the following except
A requirement of a religious oath as a condition of public service
The Ammendment which is increasingly used to nationalize the Bill of Rights is the
Gitlow v. NY was a revolutionary decision because
it protected freedom to bear arms from abridgement by state and local governments
The Sedition Act of 1798 made it a criminal offense to
speak critically about congress or the president
the principle behind provisions of federal aid to some parochial school activities is
whether aid has a secular purpose and does not confer any message of state endorsement of religion
the 'clear and present danger' doctrine has been related to all of the following except
insults directed at candidates for public office
Prior restraint of films to prevent showing obscenity is
not necessarily unconstitutional
is written defamation
A legislative act that punishes individuals without a trial is a(n)
Bill of attainder
To be subject to sanctions, 'fighting words' must
cause acts of violence
In the Bakke case the Supreme Court held that a university medical school, in admitting students may
take race into account
Under the quid pro quo rule pertaining to sexual harassment
the employer is "strictly liable" even if he/she did not know that sexual harassment was occurring
Which of the following gender discriminations has been permitted by the Supreme Court
a property tax exemption for widows that is not given to widowers
Brown called for the desegregation of public schools
"with all deliberate speed"
In 1954, the Supreme Court ruled that segreation in public schools was "inherently unequal" on the basis of
the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment
The Supreme Court decision in Plessy v. Ferguson (whatever its wider implication) directly concerned
segregaton on railroad cars
Which of the following statements abotu Brown v. Board of Education is true
it was teh logical extension of a long line of related cases
Which of the following was not one of the reasons the blacks for many years failed to gain redress of their grievances
blacks could not agree among themselves on the proper policies to combat discrimination
Under the current law, the Supreme Court would allow a city to
adopt a zoning ordinance restricting where "adult" movie theatres can be located
The display of an odious symbol such as a swastika or a burning cross has been deemed by the Supreme Court to be
Protected by the Constitution
Which of the following would be illegal under currenet Supreme Court doctribes?
inciting someone to an illegal act