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Which gland is considered the "Master Gland?"
Which glands are not under the control of the pituitary?
*Adrenal Medulla
What controls the parathyroids?
Calcium levels
What is secreted by the posterior pituitary?
ADH (vasopressin)
Why might an increase in size of the pituitary cause vision changes?
Because the optic chiasm lies just above the pituitary; change in size would put pressure on the nerve pathways
What hormones does the anterior pituitary secrete?
*Growth hormone
*Thyroid stimulating hormone
*Leutinizing hormone
*Folicle stimulating hormone
What are the symptoms of diabetes insipidus?
*increased serum osmolarity
*decreased urine osmolarity
*increased body fluid loss=rapid shock
What are some diagnostic measures for diabetes insipidus?
*fluids held for 4-18 hours
*urinary output monitored
What would indicate a need to discontinue a diagnostic test for DI?
* > 3% weight loss
* significant drop in BP or increase in pulse
What are some nursing considerations s/p hypophysectomy (pit. tumor)?
*Keep HOB 30 degrees
*No coughing, sneezing, bending, straining
What should you monitor for a patient s/p hypophysectomy (pit. tumor)?
*CSF leakage: nasal drip, halo test
*S/s infection: increased temp, nuchal rigidity, headache
*S/s SIADH or DI
*Assess pain (Tylenol/codeine as ordered)
What should be considered in patient education s/p hypophysectomy?
*no coughing/ sneezing/ bending/ straining for 2 months
*Possible hormone replacement for life
*Counseling re: lifestyle changes (low fertility in females, permanent physical changes, stress management)
What are the s/s of pheochromocytoma?
*Pounding headache
*increased blood sugar
*blurred vision
*excess perspiration
What is the regular function of aldosterone?
Maintains water balance (renin-angiotensin)
What is the function of cortisol?
Controls the body's response to stress
What are the signs/symptoms of DKA?
*Change in LOC
*Kussmaul respirations
*Abd. pain
What is significant of labs with DKA?
*serum glucose >300
*urine and serum are positive for ketones
*serum K is increased (with dehydration/acidosis)
*increased BUN/Creatinine
In DKA, what is the rate of the initial insulin infusion?
*0.1 unit/kg
When can sub-Q insulin be given to a DKA patient?
*When pt. is tolerating oral fluids
*When ketosis has stopped
What is the major cause of death in treatment of dka?
How soon must fluid status be corrected in a burn patient?
within 1st 6 hours, or death will result
What is the hallmark sign of carbon monoxide poisoning?
Cherry-red skin color