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__________ claimed New York because of Henry Hudson's explorations
The Dutch or The Netherlands
_________ claimed New York because of Samuel de Champlain's exploration
Who started the first orphanage in America
George Whitefield
___________ was South Carolina's first permanent settlement
Charles Town
________ claimed New York because of John Cabot's exploration
What was the first settlement in Maryland
St. Mary's
The first Dutch settlement in New York was called
Fort Orange
Which city in Pennsylvania was known as the "city of brotherly love
When the British took New Amsterdam from the Dutch, the British renamed it_________
New York City
Who was the Dutch governor of New Netherland who refused to give up New Amsterdam
Peter Stuyvesant
A group of people whose beliefs seemed strange to others, they were also called Friends
Which colony was known as "Penn's Woods"
Who started America's first orphanage
George Whitefield