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Name some items that help archaeologists uncover the past
Archaeologists find items such as tools, pottery, and fossils.
A story that is handed down from generation to generation
Creation story
To give something to one person in return for something else
A wooden stick fence used to catch salmon
shells that the Yurok used to trade with
a group of people living together under the same leader
The tribe that lives in the Northern Coast area. Name two things that are special about them.
Yurok- their region provides many rich natural resources such as salmon. They use dentalium as a source of money.
What is the tribe that lives in the southern coast? Name two things that are special about them.
Chumash- They used many sea animals for food, clothing, and trade. They had asphaltum, a thick tar-like substance to seal baskets and canoes.
Who are the people of the Central Valley region? What are two things that are special about them?
Miwok- Their community is centered around a roundhouse, and sweatlodge. They used games to teach valuable skills.
A way of doing things that is handed down by older people to younger ones.