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Who was the explorer who named new england
John Smith
Goods coming from outside the United States to be sold in this country
What is an urban area
a city
Philidelphia is an_________region
What is the immigrant center in New york harbor called
Ellis Island
What natural resources did the pilgrims find in New England
Trees water land
What is a colony
A settlement of people who came from another country
Name something not found in a city
What are the New England States
New Hampshire, Vermont Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island Massechusetts
What are the mid atlantic states
New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware
Which port city is built on th mouth of the Hudson River
New York City
What is one of the main causes of Urban Sprawl
Where does most of the money used to run cities come from
What is population density
How many people live in one square mile
Name 3 benefits of living in a city
business, shopping movie theater hospitals
Name 3 disadvantages to livint in a city
Noise, Traffic pollution
name 3 advantages to living in a rual area
quiet, fishing, outdoors nature fresh air
name 3 disadvantages to living in a rural area
far from hospitals, stores, theaters
In what harbor did John smith land
Plymouth Bay
name a product that we export in the United states
name a physical feature that has helped St. Louis to grow
the Mississippi River