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What is treason?
working against the government
What was the Stamp Act?
a tax where colonists had to buy a stamp for everything printed to show taxes have been paid
What was the first colonial legislature called?
The House of Burgesses
What does self-government mean?
Able to make your own laws
What did Patrick Henry do?
he told people that they should decide on what taxes they had to pay
What were some things the colonists bought from the British?
sugar, molasses, paper, glass, paint, tea
What does it mean to boycott?
to refuse to buy something
What are Legislatures?
small governing bodies that make laws
How did King George anger colonists?
he told them to stop settling in western lands won from France, gave to Indians + gave governors more power
What were some things that the British bought from the colonists?
furs, fish, tobacco, rice, corn
What is representation?
having someone speak for you
What is a tax?
money paid to a government to run the country
Who was the king of England during colonial times?
King George III
The people in the colonies could vote on laws
Yes or No
What is liberty?
What does democracy mean?
Government in which people take part
Who chose the governor in royal colonies?
the king
What is Parliament?
Britian's congress
makes laws
What is a petition?
request of action signed by people
What is authority?
What angered colonists the most?
they had no say in their taxes
What are allies?
Friends in War
Who chose the governor in porprietory colonies?
Who were the loyalists?
colonists who sided with the British
What is public opinion?
what people think
What was the Sugar Act?
a tax put on things sold by colonists esp. sugar
Who were the Sons of Liberty?
people who met to talk about taxes
What was the French and Indiam War?
French in Canada began building forts on British land in Ohio River Valley. Indians helped British defeat French
What happened when the colonists asked King George to change the Stamp Act?
he ignored them
What is a tariff?
a tax on goods brought into a country