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A bad day in the nominative singular
malus dies
for my hope / dative singular
spei meae
The accusative plural of large things
res magnas
The dative singular of: the savage senate
fero senatui
A beautiful smile in the nominative singular
pulcher risus
A beautiful smile in the nominative singular
pulcher risus
A wretched appearance/ nom. sing.
facies misera
of a good home/ genitive singular
bonae domus
many fruits/ nominative plural
multi fructus
a broad army / nominative sing.
latus exercitus
in wretched heat / ablative sing.
in misero aestu
wild bands of men/ nom. plural
ferae manus
evil things
mala res
hollow sound / nom. sing
cavus sonitus
distinguished clattering
amplus strepitus
friendly barking in the dative singular
amico latratui
Brittish wing
Britannum cornu
long day/ genitive plural
longorum dierum
famous site / genitive singular
notae speciei
joyful arrival / dative singular
adventui lacto
a diligent pledge / nominative singular
fides diligens