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of the powerful army
(genitive singular)
potentis exercitus
the bold pledges (dative plural)
audacibus fidebus
the short arch (ablative singular)
brevi arcu
the bold senate (Accusative sing)
audacem senatum
the long wing (Ablative Singular)
longo cornu
the difficult day (Dative Singular)
difficili diei
the similar armies (genitive plural)
similium exercituum
the unlike faces (Ablative Plural)
dissimilibus faciebus
the humble home (Accusative Plural)
humiles domos
the powerful noise (genitive singular)
potentis strepitus
Another fruit (Dative singular)
alio fructui
the loud noise (accusative plural)
claros strepitus
many advantages (Dative Plural)
multis usibus
the wicked sight (Ablative Singular)
mala specie
the wild home (Accusative Singular)
feram domum
the ancient arch (genitive singular)
veteris arcus
the pleasing smile (genitive plural)
gratorum risuum
the far away sound (ablative plural)
longis sonitibus
the late arrival (dative plural)
tardis adventibus
the beautiful thing (nominative plural)
pulchri res