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domui longam
dative singular of the tall house
Faciei Pulchrarum
of the beautiful face
Nominative Singular of: THE FRIENDLY BARKING
Latratus Amicus
adventu tuto
ablative singular of the safe arrival
Passe bono
At a good pace
Nominative Singular of: A LONG DAY
Dies Longus
Nominative Singular of: THE NEIGHBORING HOME
Domus Finitima
Dies mali
the bad days
(nominative plural)
Accusative plural of: the wide faces
facies latos
Aestum iniquum
the unfavorable heat
accusatve singular
Accusative singular of: the joyful barking
latratum laetum
sinisto mano
ablative singular: the left hand
Risum clarum
the bright smile
(accusative singular)
Strepitus magni
of the loud noise
(genitive singular)
ablative singular of: his advantage
suo usu
Accusative singular of : the quick pace
passum celerem
The best things
(accusative plural)
res optimis
The beautiful sight
(accusative singular)
speciem pulcheram
of the remaining fruits
(genitive plural)
fructorum reliquorum
Dative plural of: the only sounds
Sonis solis