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One reason the flight surgeon conducts mishap investigations is to
Prevent future mishaps
Specifically, who makes the final determination on return to flying status when aircrew members are treated in other clinics or medical specialties?
The flight surgeon
Flight surgeons review all mishap reports and summaries to
identify human factor elements pertinent to the flying mission.
What major command is responsible for intercontinental ballistic missle (ICBM) operations?
Space Command
Which of the following is a unique characteristic of the solid propellant used in most missle systems?
Once ignited, it cannot be extinguished.
Record mishaps as aircraft flight mishaps when
there is an intent for flight
What class of mishap results in reportable damage of $1,000,000 or more?
Class A
The four triage categories are
minimal, immediate, delayed, and expectant.
What is the triage category for a patient with partial thickness burns of less than 15 percent of the body?
Who must give permission to remove the fatalities following an off-base accident that involves a military aircraft?
Local civilian officials.
At a crash site, if there is possible hazard from life support equipment, what agency should be notified?
Explosive ordinance disposal.
You must report any episode that produces abnormal physical, mental or behavioral symptoms that are noticed by individual crewmembers or by others during or after the flight, as what type of physiological event?
Class E.
Class E Physiological events are reported by message using the format found in
AFI 91-204, Safety Investigations and Reports.
The overall purpose of flightline visits from the flight surgeon is to
promote flying safety.
In addition to providing flyers' with medical care, which of the following services is also provided by the flight surgeon and 4NOX1 in support of the flying mission?
Medical indoctrination.
Which of the following lists include rated officers only?
Navigators, pilots, and flight surgeons.
Who is responsible for completing an AF Form 1042?
The flight surgeon only.
What do you do with the original AF Form 1042 after it's completed?
File it in the individual's health record.
For transient personnel, how many copies of the AF Form 1042 are sent with the original to an individual's home base flight surgeon's office?
When must you start a new AF Form 1041?
First day of every month.
Administration of the soft contact lenses (SCL)program is the responsibility of the
Flight Surgeons Office.
Who is responsible for training aircrew members on the emergency removal of soft contact lenses (SCL)?
Optometry Clinic.
The primary reference for everyday Air Force writing is
AFH 37-137, The Tongue and Quill
What type of paper is used for intra-departmental memos and letters?
Plain bond paper.
What do you do if you make a mistake while documenting information on a patient record?
Draw a single line through the error, make the correction, and initial the error.
What is the primary device used to store information on a computer?
Hard disk drive
What program emphasizes information protection precepts and promotes consistent application of security principles in the use of Air Force information systems?
What administrative tool identifies each and every record series maintained for an office of record, regardless of the record's location?
Files plan.
The medical standards, the frequency, scope and instructions for completing required physical examinations properly are specified in
AFI 48-123
The format and procedures for conducting and recording a physical examination are found in
AFPAM 48-133, Physical Examination Techniques.
Whenever a member's qualifications for continued service are questionable, the member's case is processed under the provisions provided in all of the following except
AFPAM 48-133, Physical Examination Techniques.
The purpose of the AF Form 422, Physical Profile Serial Report is to
communicate information to nonmedical authorities in layman terms.
For members possessing 4T profiles, the AF Form 422, Physical Profile Serial Report, must be reviewed every
30 days.
Including the "X" factor, how many human function factors are considered in the physical profile serial?
What is the main consideration (function of the body part) under the physical profile factor "E"?
Distant visual acuity only
A strength aptitude test (SAT) is rated in profile factor
Which organization authorizes an L suffix on AF Form 422, Physical Profile Serial Report?
When you use the Department of the Army (DA) Form 3349, Physical Profile Serial, in lieu of the AF Form 422, Physical Profile Serial, what must be done (if anything) to the Army 3 profile grade to identify an Air Force member as not compatible with worlwide assignment?
Change it to a 4
Which of the following is the first step in the Air Force disability evaluation process to determine members who are not worldwide qualified?
Medical Evaluation Board.
Record review in lieu of board processing is accomplished when
a defect is discovered as an incidental finding and the evaluee seems qualified for continued military service.
The body responsible for determining if a member's physical defect or condition renders the member unfit for duty is the
Physical Evaluation Board (PEB)
Who has the authority to retire or separate members who are found physically unfit to perform the duties of their office or grade?
The Secretary of the Air Force or a designated special assistant only.
Which of the following is not a Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) recommended dispostion?
Forward to Medical Evaluation Board.
Members may be retained on the temporary disability retired list (TDRL) for no more than
5 years
The physical, psychological and educational qualifications all members must meet for each AFSC can be found in
AFM 36-2108, Airman Classificaiton
Individuals applying for Personnel Reliability Program status must meet the medical requirements specified in
AFI 36-2104, Nuclear Weapons Personal Reliability Program
Potentially disqualifying information (PDI) is any information regarding, but not limited to, a person's
physical, mental, and emotional status
Who is responsible for reporting potentially disqualifying information to the commander of a TDY individual on PRP?
The TDY Commander
What action is taken when a disqualifying defect is found during a flying class I physical examination.
Complete the exam regardless of the defect and send it to the appropriate certifying authority.
The ultimate waiver authority for all medical waivers is