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Jumpers talking during brief.
Tell them to quiet down, pay attention.
Jumpers answer questions incorrectly
Correct the mistake made in the answer, and state the correct answer for the jumpers to hear.
Jumpers switch places while walking to aircraft
Call all of the jumpers up by name, correct any switches in order that may occur by telling the jumpers to swap.
Jumpers switch places in the plane
Check load list, ensure there is an incorrect order, tell jumpers to switch
Jumpers don’t place goggles down when told to
Pay attention! Tell them again to place goggles down
Not enough WDI’s altimeters, etc. in the aft compartment of the plane.
Ask pilot to have DZCO inform Ops that more of whatever is lacking needs to be brought to the aircraft before taxiing.
A shortage of WDI’s, altimeters, etc. develops while in flight
Ask pilot to notify DZCO to have JM of the next load bring whatever is lacking with him onto the load.
Annoying students
Tell them to quiet down, stay seated, and stop being disruptive because you have important tasks to complete. Tell them that if they have any important questions, feel free to ask, otherwise hold questions until you are both down on the ground and safe.
Jumper stands up in plane
Make sure their pathway to it is blocked. Tell them to sit down and if they do it again they are not jumping. If the door is open and they do not respond initially, close the door. After the jumper sits again, another HAARP check is required.
Sick jumper
Close door if open, give jumper sick bag from sleeve, tell them to let you know if they become actively sick. Turn on vent above them, crack the door, and tell them to look out of the plane. Before this jumper leaves the plane, ensure you have the sick bag back and make sure that nothing is inside it.
Bad Altimeter (Over 500’ off)
Ask pilot to hold. Switch out altimeter with one from the back and place the bad altimeter on your chest strap upside down so that you don’t look at it.
Turned off AAD or Cypres
The jumper does not get to jump. Ask pilots for more time if you are on the jump run. Tell the jumper that through no fault of their own their FXC or AAD has been turned off. Place them in the front of the plane and tell them not to buckle in and still listen to your commands. Notify the pilots that that particular jumper will not be jumping and that there will only be one jumper out on the next pass.
Lost sight of WDIs
Ask pilots if they see them. If not, ask if DZCO sees them. If all parties (JM, Pilots, DZCO) have lost sight of the WDIs, ask the pilots to descend back to 3000’ feet so that you can throw them again.
WDIs land early/late (less than 2:30 or more than 3:30)
Relay the time to the pilots and inform them that it is greater or lesser than the allowed time and due to this fact, ask for specific approval from the DZCO when recommending a jump run to the pilots.
WDIs land out of boundaries
Relay time and landing point to pilots and inform them the WDI drop was out of boundaries. Ask for DZCO to advise when recommending a theoretical jump run to the pilots.
Jump refusal
Bring jumper back in the plane, close the door, ask them if they want another shot. If not, ask them to sit in the front of the plane and tell them not to buckle in and still listen to your instructions. If they do want another shot, check the spot. If still in a position that they can be let out this pass, open the door, and put them in it again. If not, inform the pilot that there were 1 or 0 jumpers out that pass due to a jump refusal. If they sit down at anytime, another HAARP check must be administered.
Two Jump refusals by the same jumper
Tell the jumper to sit in the front of the plane and not to buckle in and still listen to your instructions. After all of the jumpers have exited with the exception of the jumper in question, ask them if they would like one more shot at it, having seen everyone else’s excellent exits. If they don’t want another shot, they land with the plane.
Plane off jump run
If door closed, use L/R toggles for 5° corrections in the left/right direction. If the door is open, bring your head in and tell the pilots over the headset the degree and direction of correction required.
Red light, negative drop
Bring the jumper back in the plane, close the door, and coordinate with the pilots the reason for the red light or negative drop.
Wrong altitude for jump run
Request pilots to ascend or descend to the appropriate altitude.
Landing with the plane
Ask pilots to hold at altitude so that you can ensure that AADs have been turned off. Ask for slow descent because the AADs may fire even if turned off. Seatbelts on at 1500’ or when the light comes on, whichever is sooner. When on final, call feet flat on the floor, face the center isle, brace yourself for landing.
Radio off
Say nothing to the jumper. Inform the pilot to inform DZCO to notify Landing Control that the jumper’s radio does not work.
Radio is on wrong channel
Don’t mention anything to the jumper. Ask the pilots to inform DZCO to notify Landing Control that the jumper’s radio is on the incorrect channel and to plan accordingly.