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How were books first closed?
By just a single strap to keep them closed
True or False:

As book closures became more sophisticated, different styles could determine what country a book came from.
What metal type was used to protect the corners of books
True or False:

Ownership of books was a status symbol of the Upper Class
What does CBBAG stand for?
Canadian Bookbinders & Book Artists Guild
What are the 3 types of Metal Dyes?
1. Magnesium
2. Brass
3. Copper
What are the 2 main attributes that Brass and Copper dyes offer?
1. Can be engraved by hand
2. Allows multi-levels
What is the normal thickness of Plywood?
True or False --

Paper Engineering is often referred to as pop ups
Other than pop ups, what does Paper Engineering also include?
Movable books & any other movable project
True of False --

Paper Engineering has been around for 500 years
What are the 3 most popular examples that contain pop up constructions?
Greeting cards, Brochures, Children's Books
Give an explanation of Paper Engineering
The folding of paper in an innovative way that creates movement & transforms 2D paper forms into 3D paper creations
Name some ways that pop ups are moved...
1. Opening the page
2. Tab is pulled
3. Turn a wheel
Wheels are also known as...
In terms of the assembly of paper engineering, what is typically done by hand and what is typically done mechanically?
Folding & Gluing by hand
Pieces are diecut mechanically from a press sheet
True or False --

Original pop up creations were not targeted at Adults

They were
What pop up products are typically targeted toward the Adult consumer?
Greeting cards & marketing materials