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coalition N.
A group of several different groups or countries that are working together to achieve a certain goal.;結合,聯合[U]
inaugurate V.
To bring into public office; to satrt formally;為...舉行就職典禮,使正式就任[H]
He was inaugurated as President.開始;開展;為...舉行開幕式(或落成典禮)
accuse V.
To say that someone did sth wrong (eg. committed a crime);指控,控告;譴責
allegedly Adv.
According to what people say;據傳說,據宣稱
convict V.
To decide taht someone is guilty of a crime 證明...有罪;判...有罪,判決[H][(+of)];使認罪;使深感有錯,使悔悟;【律】(服刑的)囚犯,已決犯
offense N.
A specific act that breaks the law; 罪過;犯法(行為);過錯[C][(+against)]
verdict N.
A judgement in a court case;【律】(陪審團的)裁決,裁定;The jury brought in a verdict of guilty.陪審團裁定有罪;【口】定論;判斷;意見
apprehend V.
To capture; 逮捕
ascertain V.
To make sure of;查明,確定,弄清[+(that)][+wh-] certain=sure
condemn V.
To speak out againt sth in very strong terms; 責難,責備,譴責[(+as)]
implicate V.
To suggest that someone was involved in a cime or other wrong behavior; 牽連;連累
inquiry N.
An investigation; 詢問,打聽;質詢[C][U][(+about/into)]; 調查[C][(+into)];
intrusively Adv. intrude V. intrusion N.
In a way that brings an unwanted person or thing into someone eles's affairs; 干擾地;侵入地
seize V.
To take sth against its owner's will; 抓住;捉住; 奪取;攻佔; The enemy seized the town after a violent attack.逮捕;擄獲;沒收;扣押;查封; The customs officers seized the smuggled heroin.
surveillance N.
A person of watching sth or someone long time, usually because the person is suspected of sth. 看守;監視; 監督;檢查