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haku (oak)

tree, white = oak
waku (frame)

tree, nine, ten = frame
kozue (treetops)

tree, resemblance (candle)= treetops
tana (shelf)

tree, companion = shelf
anzu (apricot)

tree, mouth = apricot
too (paulownia)

tree, same = paulownia
shoku (plant)

tree, straightaway = plant
ko (wither)

tree, old = wither
boku (crude)

tree, wand = crude
son (town)

tree, measurement (glue) = town
soo (inter)

tree, eye = inter-
ki (desk)

tree, wind = desk
hon (book)
satsu (tag)

tree, hook, = tag
reki (calendar)

cliff, grove, day = calendar
an (plan)

relax, tree = plan
soo (parch)

fire, goods, tree = parch
mi (not yet)

(tree with extra branch, top branch shorter)= not yet
matsu (extremity)

(tree with an extra branch--top branch longer)= extremity
matsu (splash)

water, extremity = splash
mi (flavor)

mouth, not yet = flavor
mai (younger sister)

woman, not yet = younger sister
shu (vermillion)

drop, not yet = vermillion
kabu (stocks)

tree, vermillion = stocks
nyaku (young)

flower, right = young
soo (grass)

flower, early = grass
ku (suffering)

flower, old = suffering
kan (tolerant)

house, flowers, see = tolerant
haku (dilute)

flower, water, acupuncturist = dilute(acupuncturist = doctor without the needles on the left; or specialty with an extra drop).
yoo (leaf)

flower, generation, tree = leaf
bo (imitation)

trees, (graveyard) = imitation
(graveyard = flower, sun, St. Bernard)
baku (vague)

water, graveyard = vague
bo (grave)

graveyard, soil = grave
bo (livelihood)

graveyard, day = livelihood
maku (membrane)

flesh, graveyard = membrane
byoo (seedling)

flowers, rice-field = seedling
choo (portent)

(turtle shell or in its abbreviated form, turtle)= portent
too (peach tree)

tree, portent = peach tree
choo (stare)

eye, portent = stare
ken (dog)

large (St. Bernard), drop = dog
joo (status quo)

turtle, dog = status quo
moku (silence)

black, dog = silence
nen (sort of thing)

moon, dog, oven flame = sort of thing
ogi (reed)

flower, wild dog, fire = reed
shu (hunt)

wild dog, guard = hunt
byoo (cat)

wild dog, seedlings = cat
gyuu (cow)

(a cow run over by a steamroller) = cow
toku (special)

cows, Buddhist temple = secial
koku (revelation)

cow, mouth = revelation
sen (before)

cow, human legs = before
sen (wash)

water, before = wash
kai (jammed in)

umbrella, walking stick = jammed in
kai (world)

rice-field, jammed into = world
cha (tea)

flowers, umbrella, wooden poles = tea(wooden poles = trea with roots detached)
goo (fit)

meeting, mouths = fit
(meeting = umbrella, one)
too (pagoda)

dirt, flowers, fit = pagoda
oo (king)

(a king's sceptre, or a Jewel without the drop)= king
gyoku (jewel)

king, drop = jewel
hoo (treasure)

house, jewels = treasure
ju (pearl)

king, vermillion = pearl
gen (present)

king, see = present
kyoo (lunatic)

wild dog, king = lunatic
noo (emperor)

white, king = emperor
tei (display)

mouth, king = display
zen (whole)

umbrella, king = whole
sen (plug)

tree, whole = plug