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Name 4 Common Hazards of Fire?
Oxygen Deficiency, Elevated Temperature, Smoke, Toxic Atm.
Define NIOSH?
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
Define Hazardous Material?
Any substance posing unreasonable risk to health if non handled properly
Name and Describe 2 Types of SCBA?
Open Circuit, contains air, vented; Closed Circuit, contains oxygen, rebreather
Name 4 Components of SCBA?
Backpack, Cylinder, Regulator, Facepiece
SCBA remote pressure gauge should be within ____ psi of Cylinder gauge?
SCBA audible alarm should sound at ___ pressure?
What are the apparatus extinguisher requirements according to NFPA 1901?
2 for class B and C (CO or Dry Chemical) and 1 for Class A (2.5 Gallon Water)
What is AFFF?
Aqueas Film Forming Foam
Name 2 Types of Rope based on usage?
Life Safety and Utility
Name 4 Types of Life Safety rope construction?
Laid, Braided, Braid on Braid, Kernmantle
Name 3 components of a knot?
Bight, Loop, Round Turn
Name and describe 3 parts of a rope?
Running end (part pulled), Working end (knot), Standing part (between Running and Working end)