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Who is the scientist that introduced continental drift and when?
Alfred Wagner, 1912
idea that all land masses used to exist as one superior content
Continental Drift
Over 200-350 million years ago the land mass broke up and moved to their present locations.
what was the condition of the theory of continental drift in 1930?
his ideas were controversial and not accepted till after he was dead
why didn't people believe Wagner's theory
Wagner had trouble explaining why the continents move- suggested because earth was spining on ts axis
Physicists and gelologists didnt believe because they didn't understand how Wagner, a meteorologist could explain how continents could move
Evidence for continental drift
The continents looked like they could fit together like puzzle pieces, fossil clues, mountain ranges such as the Applachines
name the four fossils
thecodont, cynognathus, lustrosaurus, labyrinthodont, kannemeyerid
name and describe the seed that was found.
glossopteris- fossils in Australia, South America, Africa, India, Antarctica too large to be carried by wind and tooo fragile to be carried by sea
name and describe the reptile fossil that was found
Mesosaurus, a small freshwater reptile, -Africa and South America
no way it could have swam across the Atlantic Ocean