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What is calcium?
The most abundant mineral in the body, 99% of it is stored in bones and teeth
Active, living tissue includes what?
What are some other major functions of calcium?
nerve transmission, blood pressure, blood clotting, muscle contraction and heartbeat
What are the RDA's for adolescents, 19-50, 51+, for calcium?
1300mg/day…1000 mg/day….1200mg/day
Who has the highest calcium consomption in the world and highest rate of osteoeporosis in the world? Lowest?
As protein consumption increases what happens to urinary calcium loss?
it too increases
What happens as animal protein consumption increases? Plant protein?
Hip fracture increases, and with plant it decreases
Why would africans have less osteoporosis?
cause they run in the jungle
What are some risk factors for osteoporosis?
early menopause, eating disorders and teen, caucasian and asian, small body, certain meds that infterfere with bone density
How do you prevent Osteoporosis?
vit D and K, maintain healthy weight, less sodium, increase physical activity
What are some of the rates of calcium absorption in different food sources?
nuts are the lowest at 20, milk at 30, and caabbage at 50%
What is phoshporus?
It is our bones and teeth, it is part of DNA and RNA, and is important for energy metabolism
What are phosphorous salts?
they are critical buffers that maintain acid base balance of cellular fluids
What is magnesium?
It is part of protein formation, muscular relaxation, energy metabolism, it assists in enzyme function, it affects metabolism of potasium, calcium and vit D, and it provides resistance to tooth decay
What is Sodium?
it is the principle positive ion outside the body cells, it maintains volume of fluid outside of cells and also maintains acid base balance
What does sodium have a role in?
Maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance
What does sodium solution do to blood pressure?
it increases it
What are the three things that determine blood pressure?
second small diamter arteries and capillaries resist blood flow (peripheral resistance) and third the number of dissolved particles in the fluid
What can prevent hypertension?
reducing salt intake and increasing calcium, potassium, magnesium, vit c
Who has the highest sodium intake blacks or whites?
fucking whites
What type of foods have the highest salt content?
processed foods, 75% of sodium in us diet
What happens to calcium when you eat more sodium?
calcium gets excreted
What is potassium?
It is the principle positive ion Inside the body, it maintains volume of fluid INSIDE cells, it maintains hearbeat and fluid and electrolyte balance
What kinds of foods have lots of potassium?
milk, banana, potato, lima beens, fish, honeydoober
When taking supplements u should take them with what?