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200. Which of the following are the four basic forms?
B. Cylinder, cone, triangle, and sphere.
201. The illusion of a three-dimensional object drawn on a two-dimensional surface is created by?
A. Depth
201. Drawing through is the one principle that gives your picture the effect of looking?
A. Real
202. In order to enhance the appearance of a basic drawing, add?
B. Light and shade
202. Which of the following contributes a strong dramatic impact to every picture drawn?
C. Space, forms, and perspective.
203. In the pen-and-ink technique of line drawing, India ink is most commonly used because it?
D. Has all of the above characteristics. Water proof, nonreflective, permanent and opaque
203. The techniques of crosshatching, graded lines, parallel lines, and stipple relate to a drawing's?
B. Tone
203. Graded lines are not only used to give the subject of an illustration form, they are also used to?
C. Add character to the illustration.
204. In a line media illustration produced with pencil or crayon, to what type of surface is the drawing usually applied?
D. Textured
204. The reason a textured surface is used for a line media drawing with a pencil is that it produces?
C. a pattern that gives it a tonal effect.
205. The two types of prepared shading media are?
D. Transparent film and chemical.
205. Which of the following shading film patterns gives you a halftone rendering effect?
A. Screens and tones
206. Which of the following media gives a matte finish and a rich dark black?
C. Carbon pencil
206. A halftone reporduction process reproduces an illustration by breaking the tones into?
B. Tiny dots.
207. What advantage does india ink have over lampblack or chinese stick ink when you are preparing and laying a wash?
D. One wash can be laid over another without picking up the one underneath.
207. Which type of wash do you accomplish by starting out with clear water and adding a little color after each stroke?
B. Graded wash
208. A black object is one that?
C. Absorbs nearly all light rays.
209. The color quality the enabkes us to discriminate between dark red and light red is called?
B. Value.
210. An analogous color scheme is made up of the colors?
D. orange, yellow, and green
210. You can prevent an analogous scheme from becoming monotonous by introducing?
C. Complementary accents
211. Which of the following makes acrylics less "forgiving" than oils?
C. Fast drying time.
211. The key advatage of colored pencils is their?
B. Transparency
212. How many head units high is the preferred height of an illustration of a human figure?
D. 8
212. When you proportion the human figure what do you use to determine the amount of foreshortening?
A. Your eye
213. Of how many masses is the torso of the human figure composed?
B. 3
213. The masses that make up the torso are connected by the?
D. Spinal column
214. How many bones are contained in the upper and lower arm?
B. 3
214. What is the shape of the leg and calf of the human form?
C. Triangular
215. In comparison to the nose, the ear is normally?
A. The same length
216. You need a good knowledge of bone structure in order to be able to draw the?
C. Hand
209. Simultaneous contrast can be used to change the value and?
A. Hue of a color
216. One of the important details in drawing the hand is?
B. placement of the folds.
217. Which of the following studies is made by concentrating on the model or subject and slowly drawing without looking at your paper?
A. Contour.
217. In which of the following drawings do you study the action or expression?
B. Gesture
218. When an irregular (Free) form appears to go toward or recede from the viewer, it is?
C. Foreshortened
218. A Shadow's vanishing point falls on the horizon line directly?
C. Below the light source
219. The point through which all converging light ray pass is called the?
B. Station point
219. The station point is placed so that the largest angle between any two visual rays is equal to?
B. 30 degrees
220. A one-point perspective occurs when the?
D. Front face is parallel to the picture plane.
220. Which of the following perspective occurs when non of an object's surfaces are parallel to the picture plane?
C. Three-point perspective, or oblique.
221. What must you establish before you make any measurement on a perspective drawing?
D. Needed vanishing points and station points.
222. When you draw cicles in perspective, it is often best to?
A. Rough them in freehand first
223. What are the major elements to remember in perspective drawing?
D. Horizon, station point, and vanishing point.
223. Is it necessary to keep the vanishing points as far away as possible because this?
B. Creates a more pleasing appearance?
224. Which of the following creates an illusion of distance on a two-dimensional surface?
B. Depth
224. The element of composition that creates the mood or gives the overall "Key" to a drawing is called?
D. Value
225. The principle of composition that is used to maintain interest and make a composition attractive is?
D. Proportion
225. In order to lead the observer to the center of interest in your illustration, use the principle of composition known as?
C. Movement
226. The Type of illustration that is used to work out general layout details is called a?
B. Thumbnail sketch
226. Thumbnail drawings are usuually?
A. 1 to 3 inches square
227. Draw the "rough" to?
B. The same size of the final drawing.
228. A comprehensive drawing is?
D. Used to show what the finished product will look like.
228. Which of the following drawings could be used in both this CDC course and Specialty Knowledge Test (SKT) test development?
D. Comprehensives.
229. The job of selecting pictures for a reference file will best help you to?
C. Develop your sense of observation
229. The Air Force instruction that covers policies and procedures pertaining to the use of copyrighted material is AFI?
D. 51-303
230. Which lettering style has part that are all equal?
B. Gothic
230. This style of letter is produced by using thick and thin strokes.
A. Roman
231. Serifs are characteristics of the type of lettering known as?
B. Roman
231. The swell of a letter is the same thickness as the?
A. Stem
232. The two simple elements that make up a letter are called the?
C. Stem and rounds
232. When you construct Roman letters, your main concern is to?
D. Properly place the heavy and light strokes
223. The three principles of good lettering are?
C. Proportion, stability, and uniformity.
234. To obtain good spacing, which of the following combinations of letters do you have to alter?
234. The clear spacing between lines of lettering should be?
C. 1/2 to 1 1/2 times the height of the letter