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Anemic infarct in the testicle
1. Necrotic seminiferous tubules
2. Granulation tissue
Gangrene in lower leg
1. Coagulative necrosis of muscles
2. No striations, no nuclei
Fat necrosis in the pancreas
1. Necrotic fat cells with Ca2+ soaps (basophilic!)
Caseuos necrosis in lymph node
1. TB Bacilli
2. Langhans type giant cells
Fatty change in liver
1. Fat Vacoules
2. Bridging septa, cirrhosis
Cholesterolosis in gallbladder
1. Club shaped mucosal folds
2. Lipid laiden Macs (foam cells)
Atrophy of endometrium and myometrium
1. Small glands
2. minimal amount of cytoplasm in smooth muscle cells
Skeletal muscle in polyomyelitis
1. Atropihc and hypertrophic fibers
2. Fat accumulation
Simple endometrial hyperplasia
1. Stromal and glandular hyperplasia
Nodular hyperplasis of prostate
1. Adenomatous nodules
2. Stromal nodules
Celular reactions to hematoma
1. Immediate zone --> Orange (bilirubin)
2. Farther zone --> Brown (hemosiderin)
Bile stasis
1. Obstruction of ducts with bile
2. Liver cells with bile (Brown pigment)
Congo red in glomeruli and media of afferent arteriole
Seborrheic keratosis
1. Melanin hyperpigmentation
2. Keratin horns
3. Dermal macrophages with melanin
Calcified Atheroma
1. Calcium deposits
2. Artifact seperation of the cyst from dermal CT
Arterial thrombus
1. Obliteration of lumen
2. Lamination (Fibrin, platelets)
End stage buerger
1. Recanliziation
2. Fibrosis of lumen
3. Spanish collar
Ischemic Necrosis of small bowel
Necrotic, eosinophilic mucosa (abrupt change)
Liver - shock
1. Centrolobular necrosis (eosinophilic)
2. No nuclear staining
Hemorrhagic infarct in lung
1. Occlusion of pulmonary artery
2. Eosinophilic necrotic area with hemorrhage
Pulmonary Edema
1. Transudate in alveoli
2. Hemosiderin laden mac's due to some congestion
Suppurative apendicitis
1. Sloughing of mucosa
2. Pus in lumen
Gangerous appendicits
1. Inflammatory infiltrate only in serosal layers
2. Outlines of crypts are discrinble
Septic abscesses in myocardium
1. Fungal hypie (PAS+)
2. Perinuclear lipofuscin
Chornic salpingitis
1. Massive inflammatory infiltrate
2. Plasma cells
Chronic fibrinous bursitis
1. Surface covered by fibrin
2. Granulation tissue
Tuberculous lymphadenitis
1. Granulomas
2. Langhans type giant cells
Toxoplasma lymphadenitis
1. Follicular hyperplasia
2. Eosinophilic foci of epitheloid cells
Foreign body granulomas
1. Foreign material
2. Foreign-body type giant cells
Subcutaneous rheumatoid nodule
1. Eosinophilic mass (degraded collagen?)
2. Granuloma arround it
Organized pneumonia
1. Intact alveoli
2. Granulation tissue
3. Briding fibrous septa
Leukocytoclastic vasculitis
1. Vascular thickening
2. Fibrin deposition + PMNs
PAN in skin
1. Fibrin depositio --> Eosinophilic
2. PMNs infiltrate
Rheumatoid synovitis
1. Villus hyperplasia
2. Lymphocytic infiltrate
1. Atrophy of fibers
2. Fibroblasts
3. Granular disruption of fibers
SLE Lymphadenopathy
1. LE bodies
2. Necrosis of lymphoid tissue
Gaucher in lymph node, PAS
1. Gaucher cells --> Macs with glucocerebroside
Gouty tophus
1. Uric acid crystals impressions
2. Amorphous material in CT
Signet ring cell cc
1. Signet ring cells
1. Germinal epithelium
2. Signet ring cells
Hidradenoma of vulva
1. Apocrine glands
2. CT capsule of tumor
1. Koilocytes (virus..)
2. Papillary processes w/hyperkeratosis
Bowen's intraepithelial SCC of vulva
1. Dysplasia of the whole thickness of epi
2. Dermal infiltration
3. Undiff. cells
1. Cup shaped proliferation
2. Keratin filled crater
SCC of penis
1. Cavernous bodies
2. Dermal invasion
BCC of face
1. Palisading cell nests
2. Keratin cysts
Compound nevus
1. Epidermal & dermal cell nests
2. Epidermal with melanin
3. Melanin laden macs in dermis
Superficial spreading melanoma
1. Melanocytes in basal layer
2. Pagetoid invasion
Malignant melanoma - nodular
1. Spindle shaped tumor cells
2. ulcerated surface
Spitz nevus
1. Nests in junctional zone and superficial dermis
2. Discohesive Spindle cell
Desmoid fibromatosis
1. CT growth penetrates the skeletal muscle
2. muscle islands in the CT tumor growth
Leiomyoma with bizarre foci
1. Focus with hyperchromatic nuclei
2. Cigar shaped nuclei (bullshit..)
1. Antoni A and Antoni B
2. Verocay bodies (eosinophilic ceoo bodies surrounded by rows of nuclei) in Antoni A
1. Patternless growth pattern of spindle cells
2. Hypercellular nerves
Embryonal rhabdomyo
1. Large rounded cells with eosinophilic cytoplasm (rhabdomyoblasts)
2. Strap cells
1. small lmyphocytes foci
Nodular type CB-CC
1. Lymph nodules with homogenous population and no Macs
1. Starry sky
2. Necrotic surface epithelium
1. Diffuse proliferation of large cells
2. Numerous mitotic figures
3. Basophilic rim of cytoplasm
MALT lymphoma
1. Diffuse infiltration of lymphoid cells to submucosa
2. Non-neoplastic GC with neoplastic ones (Non-neoplastic are darker!)
HD, Diffuse type
1. RS cells
2. Necrotic eosniophilic foci
ITP in spleen
1. Follicular hyperplasia
2. Platelet phagocytosis in red pulp