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Main legal requires for legend prescription
Full pt name and date of issue,
Medication name, strength and dosage form
Directions, Quanity
and Prescriber signature
IS presriber signature always neeed for legend
NO, can be over phone, fax, or electronic
Legal requirement for quanity in legend
may be discrete or calculated
Is prescibers signature needed for lengend
no, if taken over phone, fax or electronic retriveal
What are legal requirements for CIII-CV
same as legend, but full patient address, doc full name and address, and his DEA
How many refill allow for CIII-CV
5 refills in 6 months
How is quanitiy affected with CIII-VV
must be a discrete number
How is patient address affected in CIII=CV
cannot be PO BOX
Do see CIII-CV have same legal requirements as CII
Yes, but CII has additions
Additional requiremnts of CII
Hard copy, signed
When would hard copy requirements be wavied
hospice or long-term care settings
Are refills allowed in CII
Are CII partil fills allowed
only if reaminer is picked up in 72 hrs
For CII oral or voicemail prescriptions can be issued as long as
Quantity limited to emergency
Prescription immediately transcribed to writing
good faith effoert is made by pharmacist
When does a hard copy of a CII need to be delivered or postmarked
within 72hrs, federal law is 7 days
What needs to be on a processed prescription
1. Name, initals or license of pharmacist
2. Date of prescription
3. Prescription #
4. Quantity dispensed if different than quantity ordered
If process presciption--substitution is made..what needed additionally
the name of the orginal med, and substitutionm adn NDC #
What legally needs to be on prescription label
Full Name and address of pharmacy
patient name
prescrtiper name
Medication name
directions for caution labels
prescription #
What drug requires the the use must be stated on the label
anabolic steroids (Colorado)
Does Colorado require the name of the medication and strength labeled for controlled substances
YES colorado does, federal does not
If a generic substitution is made what happens
this sub must be stated on the label
Why would one take something with food or milk
needs an acidic environment, or protects stomach
Why would one take on an empty stomach
acidity affects drugs
Why should one take with plenty of water
NSAIDS, decrease kidney perfusion, retain Na and h20,
What are 3 types of medication orders
outpatient, inpatient, compounding
When intrepting prescription what MUST you include:
Action, amount, dosage form, route, and frequency