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Who is overall responsibile for ensuring the ship's maintenance?
Who is the 3-M manager and monitors the operation of the system and regulary briefs the CO on the status?
Who reviews 3-M documents for accuacy, advises WCS, has a 9517 NEC and manages the 3-M system office?
3-M System Coordinator
Who schedules weekly work center maintenance, ensures files are complete/current, and reviews work center MRC/LOEPs?
Work center supervisor
Who is notified when MRC is not understood, or incorrect, tools are not available, lack of training or equiptment?
Work Center Sup
What is LOEP?
List of Effective pages- provides listing of MIP (Maintenance Index Pages)and system equiptment not requiring PMS
Do do MIPs contain?
Maintenance Index Page- issued for each equiptment which PMS required and contains MRCs (Matenance Requirement Cards)
What provides detailed procedures for performing maintenance requirements and decribes who, what, how and with what resources a specific requirement will be accomplished?
MRC (Maintenance Requirement Card
Who signs the quarterly schedule?
Who signs the weekly schedule?
Work Center Supervisor