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What key is not publicly revealed?
The private key.
When can PKI messages be easily decryped?
When the key is discovered or intercepted by someone other than the trusted partys.
Who is the approval authority for PRP clearances?
The commander of units possessing TPI requirements are the final approval authority for PRP clearances.
What mechanism uniquely and explicitely ties data to the originator?
A private key known only by the originator.
What does connectivity outside the ICAP MAN indicate?
The MAN is part of a WAN.
Is GTACS considered mobile or transportable?
What type of training should personnel assigned to a UTC receive on a recurring basis?
Small arms and chemical warfare defense.
What three basic items are stored in memory?
The operating system and other system software that control the usage of the computer equipment; application programs designed to carry out specific tasks such as word processing; and the data being processed by the application program.
What type of computer is used to map the earths oceans, land masses and atmosphere?
Name three uses of the vi editor.
To create files, modify regular files and to create shell scripts.
In shell programming, what reserved words provide conditional control?
If, then, else and fi.
What files are most important to backup?
The files you create with your applications.
As a general precaution, what is the first step in removing a virus?
Make sure it's not in memory.
When does the Angelina virus infect a host?
It spreads to the hard disk when an infected floppy (bootable or not) is in the A> drive and the pc is booted/rebooted.
What is the language FORTRAN used for?
For mathmatical and science based programming.