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Commanders and staff agency chiefs take what type of program to protect the rights of the government and persons directly affected by air force actions?
Records Management Program
How often must the command records manager review each base records management program?
Every 24 Months
Once they are assigned, active duty personnel whose duties include filing, maintaining, and disposing of official records must be trained within.
3 Months.
Who maintains the office files plan and accountability for active and inactive records?
Records Custodian
What should agencies develop to respond to emergencies or disaster that may damage records?
Plan of Action
Where should copies of vital records be stored?
Facility not subject to the same emergency or disaster but still reasonably accessible
What is specifically responsible for automating the preparation and maintenance of the files maintenance and disposition plan?
Air Force Records Information Management System
The records information management system’s files maintenance and disposition plan lists all of the following except
The record’s CUTOFF period
What type of labels does the records information management system print?
What is the first step in preparing the file plan for your office?
Determining what type of records your office is responsible for maintaining
What identifies file records and provides the cutoff for the records?
Disposition guide cards
When more than one item number is kept in the same file, disposition control labels are placed on
The same guide card
Where are labels placed on the file folders?
Why is the file plan filed as the first item in a filing system?
To help retrieve filed documents efficiently
What gives the reader a reference trail to follow when a document is located somewhere else?
Cross-Reference sheet
What must you use to control the loan of records?
Air Force Form 614, Charge-Out Record
What determination must be made before a record can be loaned to an authorized person?
Period of time the record is needed.
Each of the following is a description of files cutoff EXCEPT
Transfer of eligible records to the records staging area
On what is disposition based?
Time period or event
Who makes initial determinations on the type of request and processing provided a FOIA request?
FOIA Manager
How does the records disposition program play a key role in the management of Air Force records?
Economic and efficient management
Who is the focal point for the FOIA portion of the installation web site?
FOIA Manager
Who is authorized to approve the permanent retention of records?
Archivist of the United States
When units change status but does NOT change function or mission, files are
Continued and cut off the same way and at the same time as if no change of status had occurred
When are fees for a FOIA request automatically waived?
All Assessable costs are $15.00 or less.
Who does the OPR submit an AF IMT 525, Records Disposition Recommendation to?
Records Manager
What type of records does the staging area store?
Permanent and temporary
When must components provide a final response to a FOIA request that complies with the requesting requirements?
20 WORKING days
How much remaining retention must records have to be shipped to a federal records center?
3 years or more
What type of records does the SF 135, Records Transmittal and Receipt, identifies?
Retirement to a federal records center, staging center, or transfer to another organization
What should be done when shipping classified and unclassified records?
Separate the records before shipping
Which of the following is not a FOIA exemption?
Administrative rules and practices
How are electronic records maintained in a deployed location?
According to the records disposition schedule
Who, on a base, completes the DD form 2564, Annual Report Freedom of Information Act?
Base FOIA manager
What does the staging area reviews to determine what records are eligible for disposal?
SF Form 135, Records Transmittal and Receipt
How are magnetic medium and tapes disposed of?
Degauss or overwrite
Privacy Act officers are responsible for?
Investigating complaints
What must recycling contracts include to recycle Privacy Act Material?
Specific contract clause on safeguarding privacy material until its destruction
Data in form that can be read and processed by a computer and satisfies the legal definition of a record that is a/an
Electronic record
Who is the focal point in a functional area for general privacy act questions?
Privacy Act monitor
Who places official records in electronic file areas?
Who should read-only records access rights be given to?
Personnel who have a need to know
What type of request allows other Air Force directives to give individuals access to Privacy Act records?
How must your electronic and paper filing systems function?
What is the fine that may be imposed for maintaining a Privacy Act record system that has not been published in the federal register or for making an unauthorized disclosure?
Which element of a Privacy Act statement provides a list of where and why the information will be disclosed outside the DOD?
Routine uses
To reduce costly, ineffective, and redundant information collections and reporting requirements is the information collections and reports management programs’
What is the fundamental policy for information collections and reports?
Control and minimize the burden
What penalty can be imposed on an individual for making an unauthorized disclosure of Privacy Act information?
$5,000 fine
What do the letters and numbers of a reports control symbol indicate?
The Report has been reviewed and approved.
What is the most effective and economical way to state policies and procedures?
Which type of personal information can be given to third parties without the individual’s consent?
Past duty assignments
As technology advances, to what type of publishing system is the Air Force migrating?
Who evaluates and approves request to establish special publication systems?
Publications manager
What must the system manager do to avoid unauthorized disclosures of Privacy Act information?
Verify the identity of all requestors
As a rule, how many days is the maximum a temporary visual aid should be displayed?
How should responses to requests for information from news media representatives be handled?
Encouraged to ELIMINATE the need for requestors to invoke the provision of the FOIA.
When should you establish a formal paper version requirement for publications?
Mission-related need only
In which section of Part I of the Air Force publishing product announcement would you find GENERAL INFORMATION?
What is used to determine the disposal of Privacy Act records?
Records retention schedule
Which distribution symbol is for classified publications and stocked and issued by the OPR?
Why is a transfer of large quantities of Privacy Act records in bulk to the defense reutilization and marketing office NOT considered a release of personal information?
Sheer volume makes it difficult to readily identify specific individual records
What type of distribution will not be placed on the Air Force publishing web site?
L and X
Which Distribution symbol is the MOST WIDELY used?
When a basic directive is superseded, its supplement
Automatically stays in effect
When is FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY records marked?
When they are created
When would a biennial review NOT be required?
If a special review was performed within the last 90 days.
What does the Air Force forms management program provide to help management capture information?
Data collection tools
What exemptions must information marked FOUO meets under the freedom of information act or it cannot be withheld?
2 through 9
In which section of Part II of the product announcement would your information salvage, dispose, or replacement?
What protection is applied to FOUO documents during normal duty hours?
Place them in an OUT-OF-SIGHT location
Who establishes standards and methods for analyzing, categorizing, designing, controlling, producing, and maintaining all departmental forms?
Air Force Departmental Publishing Office
Who has the responsibility to conduct a forms review every 2 years based on the creation date of a form?
Office of Primary Responsibility
What type of form is used in two or more staff offices of a headquarters?
What actions are appropriate when unauthorized disclosure of FOUO records occurs?
Appropriate administrative actions to fix the cause, disciplinary actions as needed, and notify the originating organization
Which of the following is NOT a basis for a form’s biennial review?
Date electronically released.
On the average, about what percentage of a communication do you write in the active voice to communicate effectively?
Who initiates special and reprint forms reviews on an “as needed” basic?
Forms Manager
What type of IMT change affect the visual and physical image?
In order to deliver a clear message, you should use sentences that are no longer than?
40 words
What is the MAIN difference between an official memorandum and a personal letter?
What type of memorandum for record is an in-house document to record information that would otherwise not be recorded in writing?
Separate Page
Multi-purpose written briefs that provide information, forward items of interest, or summarize problems are?
Background Papers
Who is responsible for safeguarding his or her common access care and the personnel identification number?
Who ensures that action offices package and address communications correctly and that essential mailing elements stand out?
Activity distribution office
What MUST you do with unsealed containers endorse “DO NOT FORWARD” that remains in action offices at the close of business?
Inspect to determine classification of contents and protect them accordingly.
Which mail class is for use ONLY by unauthorized publishers and registered newsagents?
What type of security classification involves information that is extracted or paraphrased?
Who determines whether the recipient has a legitimate need for access to the classified information?
Who is responsible for protecting and accounting for classified material at all times?
What are the appropriate procedures for handling classified information that you remove from an approved storage container?
Keep under constant watch and turn it face down or cover it with a cover sheet.
The purpose of conducting end-of-day security checks in units that process classified information is to ensure?
Classified information is stored appropriately.
What is any knowing, willful, or negligent action that could reasonably be expected to result in an unauthorized disclosure of classified information?
Which is not a purpose of classified markings and designations?
Provide guidance on disposition of records
Where is the overall classification placed on slides and transparencies?
Image area of the item and border, holder, or frame.
To help control accountable communications while in Air Force channels, the Air Force uses
Container numbers
What two items, used together, enable us to trace a container from the sender through the base information transfer system into the US Postal Service, and on to the receiver?
Container numbers and AF Form 12, ACCOUNTABLE CONTAINER RECEIPT
The best choice for ensuring accountable containers stay in a controlled environment is to mail them
When you mail classified material, address containers to the
Office that is to take action on it
Who is responsible for ensuring an adequate local destruction facility exists?
Installation commander