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What is records management?
Planning, controllin, directing, organizing, training, promoting, and othr managerial activities involved with respect o records creation, maintenance use and dispositon to achieve documentation and effective economical management of policies and transactions of the fedeeral government
It effective ecoconmical management of polices and transactions.
Who will establishes and maintains an continuing program form economical and efficent management of the records of the agency?
The head of each federal agency?
True or False. USAF units, by law, must manage records systematicall to ensure they are complete, accurate, and easily accessible.
Define Records management.
Creae, maintain and preserve information as records,in any media, that document the transactionof business andmissionin wartime and peacetime to provide evidencee of DOD component organizatin, functins, policies, procedures, decisions, and activities.
Name three types of records.
What is considered a Federal Record?
Information in the form of books, papers,maps, photgraphs, machine readable materials or other documentary materials received or made by and agency of the United States Government as defined by various federal status or federal law.
What is considered a State Record?
State records created by military members, specfically ANG members in performance of state-funded activities.
What is considered a personal paper?
materials belonging to an individual that are not used ot conduct agency business are considered personal papers.
Who appoints a Command Records Manager (CRM)?
Who administers the installation programd and provides assistence?
Base Records manager.
_____________manges the base staging area
Records manager
_______________ensures offices of records receive a staff assistance visit at least every 24 months.
Functional Area Records Manager (FARM)
_____________maintains the office File Plan and is accountable for active and inactive records.
Records Custodian (RC)
_______Schedules training for all personnel who file, maintain, and dispose of records.
Chief of Office of record (COR)
____________is required to train all personnel within 3 months of assignment whose duties include filing, maintaining, and disposing of records.
Records Manager (RM)
Who manages the Command records program?
Command Records Manager (CRM)
___________establishes and manages a training program for newly apppointed base records managers.
Command Records Manager (CRM)
The Base records management program is reviewed every ______ by the Commands Records manager.
24 months
Who provides guideance on doucment imaging and electronic record keeping requirements
Command Records Manager (CRM)
Who administers the installation records management program?
Base Records Manager
What three major areas of responsibility of the Base Records manager?
Providing assistance, Manage Staging Areas, and training.
_________implements MAJCOM and local procedures for creating, transferring, storeing, retrieving, and disposing of electronic records.
Base Records Manager (RM)
Who provides guidance on Electronic Record keping requirements?
Base Records Manager (RM)
_______________ ensures office of record receive SAV every 24 months.
Base Records Manager (RM)
Unauthorized destructions and incidences of lost records are investigated by______________.
Base Records Manager (RM)
Who provides guidance and assistance to reconstruct lost/destroyed records?
Base Records Manger (RM)
Who manages temporary storage are for records pending destruction or transfer to a Federal Records Center?
Base Records Manager (RM)
What form is maintained by the Base Records Manager for custody and accountability for staged records and record transfers?
SF 135 Records transmittal and Receipt.
__________provides training within 3 months of assignment to all personnel who create, maintain, and dispose of records.
Base Records Manager (RM)
Who is assigned to each base-level unit for record management for a specific span of control, mission or size or organization functional area?
Functional Area Records Manager (FARM)
_________serves as a liason with the base records manager.
Funcitonal Area Records Manager (FARM)
Who is the point of contact ad monitors records management program under their span of control?
Functional Area Records Manager (FARM)
Training is scheduled for all personnel by the _______
Functional Area records manager (FARM)
____________assists in preparing files maintenance and dispositions plans.
Functional Area Records Manager (FARM)
Funcitonal Area Manager provides _______ and _______ to assigned personnel in maintaing and disposing of records.
Guidance and Assistance
Who is responsible for physical and lecgal custody of all records for the records maintained in the office.
Chief of Records (COR)
______________appoints a record custodian.
Chief of Records (COR)
Who ensures that each the office under their purview develops a file plan.
Chief of Records (COR)
Who is designated within an office of record to manage the internal record keeping program?
Record Custodian (RC)
_________ensures eligible records are propltly and properly retired or transfered.
Records Custodian (RC)
An __________maintenances reords to ensure accurate and effiective referece serve to users of records.
Records Custodian (RC)
Who maintains the Office file plan and accountability for active and inactive records.
Records Custodian (RC)
Who consults with COR on problems that affec creating, maintaing, using, and siposing of records.
Records Custodian (RC)
What is an Action Office?
Individual with access to office automation.
Name some Action Office duties
Decipher between Federal and non-federal records
Gernerate recordkeiiping copy of official email, reciepts or actknowledgements, spreadsheets, word processing documents as needed.
What is the military's oldest management tool used to determine the effectiveness in supporting the customers's mission?
The objective of an inspections program measure the ________and _______with instructions.
Effectiveness, compliance
True or False. Inspections help find an dresolve problems and provide feedback.
Who reviews the Base Level records management program every 24 months?
Command Records manager (CRM)
Who is appointed the the MAJCOM for Records management program?
Command Records Manager (CRM)
Command Records Manager is appointed by _________.
Who appoints a Base Records Manager?
Communications Commander.
Communication commander appoint_________ for Base records program.
Base Records Manager (BRM)

Functional Area Records manager is appointed by the ___________.
Squadron Commander
________________is appointed by virtue of rank within the squadron physical charge of records.
Chief of Records (COR)
Who Appoints the Record Custodian
Chief of Records.
Who is responsible for making sure the Record custodian and all personnel are trainined in records management?
Chief of Record
The vital records program was intened to provide two things
Provides an agency the informaion to coduct business under other thean normal operatin coditions and to protect and identify the most inportan records dealing with leagl and financeil rights of the agence.
Identify tow types of vital records.
Emergency-operating records and records that protect rights.
An ___________ is a stuation or an occurence of a serious nature, fevelping suddently and unexpecctedly, and demanding immediate action.
Unexpected occurrence inflicting widespread destruction and distress that have a long-term adverse effect on agency operations is a____________.
Descride the Focus of the Vital Records Program.
It allows the federal agency to continue to operate undera national emergency conditions and resume normal activities at the emergency's conclusion.
What is consideered an insurance policy against the disruption of creitcal agency operations?
Implementation of records disater mitigation and recover programs.
What should be included in the development of a agency vidtal records plan?
Description of records need to continue agency operations, and. measures for storing and cycling copies of records
What percentage of an agency records may be vital records/
1 to 7 percent
what plays a vital role in managing and operating Air Force activities?
Whose rights must be protected through the proper implementation of the rcords mangement programs?
Protests the rights of government and people affected by the Air Force Actions.
Wht is Rcords management?
Organinzing, planning, directing, training, promoting and other activities with respect to the creation, maintenance, use and disposition of records.
What must records management standards and prcedures seek to accurately and completely document?
Policies and transactions of the federal governemnt.
Identify examples of Official Records.
Verison of Maps, Photgraphs received by an agency of the US goverment, Policy Letter, Unit Budget.
Identify examples of non-official records.
Stocks of publications
Libray material for reference purposes, Personnel letters, working documents.
What is staginga area used for?
Temporary storage of records pending distruction or transfer to a federal recors center.
What does the vital records program ensure?
Continuation of government during emergencies
What are two traditional types of vital records?
Records that protect rights and Emergency operation records
What is an emergency?
An sudden and uncepected occurence demanding immediate attention.
What is a disater?
An occurence that has wide spread destruction and sistress causing long term adverse effects.
How can we avid the pitfalls of creating a "paper monster"?
By properlying filing and cross-referencing our documennts in order to retrieve and charge-out any records maintained in our office.
What is a road map or table of contents of active files?
File Plan
Who prepares a file pln under the supervision of the COR?
Records Custodian?