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Plowing, Choreish
Sweeping the ground
Planting, Zoreah
Putting flowers in a vase, emptying water on the grass
Harvesting, Kotzair
Picking fruit, smelling attached fruit
Gathering, M'amair
Gathering fallen fruit, putting together a bouquet of flowers
Threshing, Dush
Milking a cow, squeezing juice from a fruit
Winnowing, Zoreh
Blowing away nut shells, blowing dust off a table
Selecting, Borair
Using a sieve, sorting washed cutlery into categories
Grinding, Tochain
Shredding potatoes, grinding pepper
Sifting, M'rakaid
Sifting flour, scraping dried mud off of shoes
Kneading, Lush
Mixing sand and water, mixing powdered cereal with milk
Baking, Ofeh
Melting candles, turning on a hot water tap
Shearing, Gozaiz
Cutting nails, shaving
Bleaching, M'labim
Scrubbing clothes, hanging wet clothes on a line
Combing, M'napaitz
Combing through material, combing hair
Dyeing, Tzoveah
Dyeing clothes, painting
Spinning, Toveh
Making fibres into threads, twisting unravelled tzitzit
Threading the loom, Maisech
Weaving, knitting
Threading the harness, Ha'oseh shnei vatai nirin
Weaving, knitting
Weaving, Oraig
Weaving, crocheting
Separating into threads, Potzeah
Removing threads from cloth, pulling a thread from clothes
Tying, Koshair
Tying a permanent knot in rope, tightening a loose knot in tzitzit
Untying, Matir
Untying a permanent knot in rope, untying a knot in tzitzit
Sewing, Tofair
Joining two pieces of cloth, stapling paper together
Tearing, Koreah
Ripping cloth, tearing paper
Trapping, Tzad
Catching an animal, closing an insect in a jar, even if it can breathe
Slaughtering, Shochait
Killing animals, killing a bee or fly
Marking, M'sartait
Etching lines, folding paper to mark a line
Cutting to shape, M'chataich
Sharpening a pencil, cutting paper
Skinning, Mafshit
Separting skin from a dead animal, removing feathers from a chicken
Tanning, M'abaid
Salting uncooked meat, oiling leather shoes
Writing, Kotaiv
Creating meaningful images, writing in the sand
Smoothing/Scraping, M'machaik
Scraping leather, using solid soap
Erasing, Mochaik
Erasing or destroying writing, tearing a food wrapper with writing on it
Building, Boneh
Constructing or improving a structure, opening an umbrella
Demolishing, Sotair
Destroying a structure, breaking into a wooden box
Kindling fire, Mav'ir
Igniting or prolonging combustion, switching on a light
Extinguishing fire, M'chabeh
Putting out a fire or reducing its intensity, turning the stove to a lower temperature
Making a final hammer blow, Makeh Vapatish
Fixing a broken object, riding a bike (may lead to fixing)
Carrying, Hotza'ah Mairshoot Lirshoot
Carrying an object from one domain into another, carrying food outside the eruv