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Genesis 1
Fall of Man
Genesis 3
Universal Flood
Genesis 6-8
Tower of Babel
Genesis 11
Conversion/Call of Abraham
Genesis 12
Giving of Abrahamic Covenant
Genesis 15
Selling of Joseph
Genesis 37
Enslavement of Israel
Exodus 1
Call of Moses
Exodus 3
10 Plagues
Exodus 7-12
Exodus from Egypt
Exodus 12-15
Institution of Sabbath
Exodus 16
Giving of the Law
Exodus 20
Completion of Tabernacle
Exodus 40
Anointing of Aaron
Leviticus 8
Jordan River Crossing
Joshua 3
Victory over Jericho
Joshua 6
Marriage of Ruth to Boaz
Ruth 4
Anointing of Saul
1 Samuel 9-10
Anointing of David
1 Samuel 16
Capture of Jerusalem/Ark
2 Samuel 5-6
Giving of Davidic Covenant
2 Samuel 7
Anointing of Soloman
1 Kings 1
Completion of Soloman's Temple
1 Kings 6
Splitting of Israel
1 Kings 12
Elijah taken to Heaven
2 Kings 2
Assyrian Conquest
2 Kings 17
Deliverance of Jerusalem from Assyria
2 Kings 19
Discovery of the Law of Moses
2 Chronicles 34
Destruction of the Temple
2 Kings 25
Babylonian Captivity
2 Kings 25
Return under Cyrus
Ezra 1
Completion of New Temple under Zerubbabel
Ezra 6
Rescuing of Jews by Esther
Esther 4-7