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The realization of a traditional building project, as described in the text, may be divided into:
Five phases
1 predesign phase
2 design phase
3 pre construction phase
4 construction phase
5 post costruction phase
Establishing the project's economic feasibilty and its overall budget is a part of the design phase of the project
false predesign
The term MEPF stands for
Mechanical electrical plumbing fire
The 'program' for a buildiong project is usually prepared by the:
In a traditional project delivery (desgin bid build) system, the coordination of the buildings design is done by the
The construction drawings of a building project are generally in the format of:
2d plans elevations sections and details
The contruction drawings of a building project are prepared during the
CD Stage of the project
The construction drawings of a building project are drawing that the architect uses to explan the desgin to the owner
false, construction drawings are used by the contractor to build the building
The construction drawing of a project generally consist of
architectural drawings, structural drawings, MEPF drawings
The masterformat has been developed by the
construction specification institute
The master format consist of
50 divisions
In the master format division 02 refers to
existing conditions
in the masterformat 04 refers to
in the master format joint sealants are part of:
division 07 thermal and moisture protection
in the master format roofing is part of
divison 07
In the masterformat flooring is part of
division 09 finishes
In the traditional project delivery (design build bid)system for a buildig the owner has seperate constracts with the general contractor and the subcontractors
False owner contracts general who then contracts subcontractors
Who is ultimatiley responsible for ensuring the safety of workers on a construction site of a typical building project
the general contractor
In the traditional project delivery design bid build system for a building there is generally
one general contractor and several subcontractors
A contract document set consist of
construction drawings and specifications
The shop drawings are prepared by the
manufactor or fabricator, or the subcontractor
Shop drawings are generally reviewed by the
architect, engineering consultant, or general contractor
In the traditional project delivery desgin bid build system for a building the day to day supervision of the construction is generally the responsibilty of the
general contractor
In the traditional project delivery design bid build system who is typically responsible for obtaining the certificate of occupancy for the local jurisdiction
the general contractor
The certificate of occupancy predates substantial completion inspection of the project
The final completion inspection of the project is generally conducted by the
architect with the help of the consultants
A record document set is generally prepared by the
general contractor
The general contractor provides manufacturers warranties to the owner at the time of
substantional completion inspection
In the CM system of project delivery there is normally no general contractor
In the CMAR system of project delivery the construction manager
works as the general contractor for the project
the project delivery system in which only one firm is contracted for both design and construction of the building is called
design build system
A building code regulates
the design of the building and the construction of the building
In the building code some life safety provisions are contained in fire safety provisions and the remaining in structural safety provisions
The building code requierments for the dimensions of treads and risers of a staircase are:
life safety issues
The building code requirements for the means of egress from a building are primarily
fire safety issues
The enforcement of buidling code is usually done at the level of
State in which the building is located. The building code is a legal document enforced throught the police powers of the state. Because it generally agreed that construction is left up to the local level, power is then delegated to the local level
The officer in charge for enforcing the building code is generally called A
building official
Before commencing the construction of a building, the owner must first apply to the city ot obtain a
building permit
To ensure that the consturction of the building is being done in accordance with the building code the city will arrange for its inspection
several times during the construction of the building
If during construction of the the building inspector discovers a gross violation of the building code he she will generally
issue a stop work order to owner if it is a gross violation, a warning is issued if it is a minor violation
In the case of a dispute between the building official and the owner in the interpretation of a building code provision, the matter is first resolved through
the board of appeals of the city
A perscriptive building code provision is easier to enforce thab a performance provision
Performance type building code provsions allow greater innovation of building materials and contruction systems that prescriptive type provisions
The internation building code is published by the
international code council
the international building code is generally updated every
3 years
The adoption of a model building code in the US is done at the level of
each city of state
The only code published by the international code council is the indternational building code
the first step in applying the building code to a project is to:
determine the occupancy classification of the building
The writing and periodical updating of the code is generally done by
a specialisized independent agency
The international building code is published by
the international code council
the international building code is updated
every 3 years
The adoption of a model building code in the US is done at the
state or local
The only code published by the international code council is the International building code
The first step in applying the building code to a project is to
determine the occupancy classification of the building
The total number of occupancies as specified in the international building code
Which of the following is not recognized building code occupancy ...assembly, educational, business, officem institutional
A hotel building is a
residential occupancy
The international building code divides the types of construction into
The most fire resistive type of construction is
Type I
A perscriptive code needs no standards
Construction standards are typical written by
The task of formulation standards is performed by organizations that have the expertise for obtaining preformance data and evaluating it
Which of the following is not a standard writing organization ASTM,ICC,UL,ANSI
Which of the following is a standard writing organization
The acronym ASTM stands for
American Society for Testing and Materials
The acronym UL stands for
Underwritters Laboratories
A zoning ordinance refers to regulations that pertain mainly to
the use of land within a city
A zoning ordinance consists of
the zoning text and zoning map of the city
The term "FAR" refers to
floor area ratio
The two main catagories under whish all building loads may be classified are
Gravity loads and lateral loads
The loads on a floor are generally exposed in
The loads on a beam are generally expressed in
The loads on a Column are generally expressed in
Which of the following loads can be estimated in greatest certainty...Dead, live, wind, earthquake, or snow loads
The floor live load in a rsidential building is generally assumed as
40 psf
Which of the following occupanices had the highest floor live load ... retail store, hotel guest room, library with stack rooms, library reading rooms, offices
Library stack rooms
Roof live load in a building is generally
20psf, less that the floor live load
Roof live load is a function of the buildings occupancy
In which of the following roof with you consider the effect of rain load.....
roof with a parapet or roof without a parapet
roof witha parapet
Highest windspeeds are usually obtained in
On average a tornado strikes a larger area on the ground that hurricane
The design windspeed is also refered to as the
basic wind speed
The material in an archi is primarily under
When a cable of rope is compressed by a force, what is the compressive stree in it
A column in a building is primarily under
In a simple three-member truss consistying of two rafters and a tie, each member is in
either tension or compression
In a suspension bridge, which members are under compression
support pylons (vertical pylons)
A rectangular column measuring 12x12" in cross-section carries a load of 18 kips, what is the stress in the column?
125 psi
The test specimen used for determining the compressive strength of concrete in the United States is
cylinder measuring 6" in diameter and 12" high
When we determine the strength of concrete using the test specimens we determine the concrete is
ultimate compressive state
In relation to its compressive strength the tensile strength of concrete is
much lower
A 20' high fcolumn shortens by 0.6" under a load.
what is the resulting strain in the column?
0.0025....strain has no units
Which gives greater warning before failure?
a ductile material
In a typical stress-strain diagram of material, the stress is gernerally plotted along the vertical axis
What is the yield of A36 steel?
The stress-strain diagram of mild steel is nearly a straight line up to the yield point
Concrete is
a plastic or inelastic material
Modulus of elasticity refers to how
stiff a material is
The units of modulus of elasticity are: psi, kis, pascal, gigapascal
all of the above
Everything else being the same, which of the following beam cross-sections is structurally preferable?
rectangular section or I-section
Everything else being the same, which of the following beam cross-sections is structurally preferable?
Rectangular section or tubular section
tubular section
The bearing strength of a material is generally realated to its:
bending strength
In a steel column that rests on a concrete footing, the area of the bearing plate used is generally
greater that the cross-sectional area of the column
The primary purpose of ties in a reinforced concrete column is to:
prevent the buckling of vertical reinforced column