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A tradition
Who did Washington chose to be secretary of state?
Thomas Jefferson
Who did Washington pick as secretary of the treasury?
Alexander Hamilton
Who did George Washington as the attorney general?
Edmund Randolph
The three department heads and the attorney general became known as who?
the cabinet
What was the judiciary act of 1789?
With this act congress established a federa court system with 13 district courts and three circuit courts to serve te nation. State laws would remain, but the federal courts would have the power to reverse state decisions.
Who did Washington nominate to lead the supreme court as chief justice?
John Jay
Which admendment protects the rights of states and individuals by saying that powers not specifically given to the federal government "are reseerved to the States respectively, or to the people"
10th Admendment
Which amendment, madison hoped to use the states as an important line of defense against a toopowerful national government.
10th amendment
What is it called in the constitution including guarantees of personal guarentees of personal liberties.
Bill of Rights
Tha mount the nation's government owed-was growing
National debt
Paper notes promising to repay the money in a certain lengthh of time.
People who risk money in order to make a larger profit.
Why and where did they move the capital?
The capital was first in Piladelphia and the nmoved to Washington D.C. They moved it there so the south would go along with hamilton's plan.
Inconsistent withe the constitution
what was one of hamilton's plan
to make a national bank but madison and jefferso said it was unconstitutional
A tax on imports
What was hamilton's last plan and why?
tariffs and taxes because hanuktib thought the development of manufacturing woulod make America's economy stronger.
What rebellion happened in western pennsylvania.
The Whiskey Rebellion
Why were the farmers in a rebellion?
Because the farmers were in an uproar over having to pay a wpecial tax on the hiskey they made from surplus corn.
What did presdient washington do when the whiskey rebellion got out of control
He sent advisers to crush the challenge by sending the army.
What were the problems in the west?
The Native Americans who lived between the Appalachian Mountains and he mississippi denied that the united states had any authority over them.
What was the battle of fallen timbers?
a battle between the native americans and the americans. Americans had former revolutionary war general anthony Wayne and Shawnee chief of Blue Jacket fought. Americans won
what was the treaty of greenville?
The treaty of greenville says the native aamericans would surrender most of the land in present day ohio
Whashington hoped that the nation could maintain its __ or not take sides in the conflict between france and britaain.
The french sent ___ to the united states to get united states volunteers.
Edmond Genet
When the french sent edmond genet president washington took action to discouage americans and issued a _______
proclamation of neutrality
Forcing people into serviece as in the navy.
What did the jays treaty say
the British agreed to withdraw from american soil and to pay damages for ships they had seized and to allow some american ships to trade wiht british colonies in the caribbean.
what was the reaction on the american people to the jays treaty and why
They were angry because it didnt state the main issues of impressment and did not metion britishinterference with American trade.
What is the pickneys treaty?
It gave the Americans free navigation of the mississippi river and the right to trade at new orleans.
Who were the two people in washington's cabinent who took opposing sides.
Jefferson and hamilton
Favoring one side of an issue
What were the two parties
Federalist and republicans or the democratic republicans
What did the federalists believe in?
a strong federal government and admired britain.
What did the republicans believe in ?
Wanted to limit government's power. and supported france.
Powers that were not expressly forbidden in the constitution.
implied powers.
to prepare for the election, the federalists and the republicans held meetings called ____
Who did the federalits nominate for vice president and their candidate for president.
John Adams and Charles Pinckney
Who did the republicans put forth former secretary of state and for president.
thomas jefferson and aaron burr
Immigrants living in the country who were not citizens
refers to activites aimed at weakening established government
What did the viriginia and kentucky resolutions say?
that the alien and sedition acts could not be put into action because they vilated the constituiton
legally overturn
limting the federal government to those powers clearly assaigned to it by the constitution and reserving to the states all other powers not expressly forbidden to them.
states rights