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2 ecumenical terms that parishes and congregations use to unite diverse nationality groups in worship, etc:
what group of latinos is the most important for understanding the institutional, economic, political, and cultural environments of outher spanish speaking groups?
-puerto ricans
2 groups in nyc tha have much influence over each other:
-puerto ricans
common response when latinos face hostile environments:
-retreat to church
most bilingual group:
-puerto ricans
reason why recent immigrants attend church:
-they have no other institutional links and they need fellowship and social and psychological help
5 simple qualities of latino faith:
-concern for an immediate experience of god
-strong orientation toward the transcendent
-an implicit belief in miracles
-practical orientation toward healing
-a tendency to personalize or individualize ones relationship with the divine
why differences arent great between the two churches:
-similarities of a common social class and culture
the major question of chapter 11:
-is a pan-latino identity/denomination possible?
name of x's mosque:
-temple # 7
3 cities that the nation of islam was powerful in the early days:
city where elijah lived:
birthplace of the nation of islam:
main reason why x loved nyc:
-it was home to one of the countrys great black populations
great leader who influenced x:
-marcus garvey
name that x gave harlem:
-seventh heaven
3 ways that x reached out to the community:
-used leaflets
-scheduled meeting times that would not conflict with christian church services
-respected the role of women more
newspaper that x released:
-muhammad speaks
tv documentry that x, elijah, and the nation of islam produced:
-the hate that hate produced
2 events that pushed x to national prominence:
-victory in a court case over the nypd
-tv documentary.. the hate that hate produced
2 breakups between ejijah and x:
-x wanted encagement in the civil rights movement and ejijah wanted to stay out
-x wanted to expand to all muslims and ejijah just wanted black muslims
at what point did ejijah shun muhammad?
-when he had indiscreet remarks on the assassination of kennedy
2 independent organizations that x founded after his seperation from the nation of islam:
-the muslim mosque, inc
-the organization of afro-american unity
what did x do to reach out to all of islam after is seperation from the nation of islam?
-hajj to mecca
who was elijahs son?
what did warith do when he succeeded his father elijah?
-opened the mosque to white muslims and renamed the mosque in honor of x