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bonnie and clydd d.
arthur penn
bonnie and clyde d.
arthur penn
how was bonnie and clyde signif
fragmenting time and space
the pawnbroker signif
flashframes: relate hands to the holocaust
pawnbroker d.
sidney lumet
the graduate singif
- flash frames of nudity
the graduate d.
mike nichols
what were 3 significant new americna cinema films
- bonnei & clyde
- the pawnbroker
- the graduate
the subject of hitchcock's films
- evil
hitchcock touch: 3 ingredients
- sex
rear window d.
rear window signif
sex, humor, suspense whne grace kelly comes in
hitchcock's technique is?
syntehsis of cinema hsitory, uses film history
expressionist lighting and set design examples?
- oppressive monuments:
north by northwest (mount rushmore
saboteur (statue of liberty
blackmail (egymptian head
where did he use soviet montage
- north by nw: sex/humor - train goign into the tunnel
sound in blackmail?
subjective sound ("knife")
alfred "knife" movie?
the 39 steps?
sound ahead cut - woman screams, train sound comes out
sound ahead cut eg
the 39 steps
why complex mise en scene
to hide evil
why long takes
real time increases suspense
why moving camera
evil is off screen, everywhere
notorious key clip?
hitchcock touch - suspense, sex, humor
hitchcok's techniue?
expressionist lighting/set design
2. soviet montage
3. innovative use of sound
4. complex mise-en-scene
5. long takes
6. moving camera
hitchcock's technique
1. expresionist lighting/set design
2. soviet montage
3. innovative use of osund
4. complex mise-en-scene
- long takes
- moving camera
what are 2 ideas of evil that hitch dismisses
evil is segregated > evil is ubiquitous
evil is extraordinary > evil is commonplace
frenzy signif
- long takes
- complex mise en scene
what is hithcock's common narrative
evil intrudes into ordinary person's life
ubiquity of evil shown in what films
- the birds