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when did italian neorealism happen
after wwi
what was italian neorealism
post wwi film movement that revitalized cinema
where was italian film before wwi?
one of the world's dominant cinemas
italian film establishments? by who?
centro sperimentale (italian film school)


who was zavattini
neorealist theorist & screenwriter
who made bicycle thieves
zavattini (screenwriter) + vittorio de sica (director)
what was zavattini's manifesto
the neorealist aesthetic
italian neorealism
- commitment to realism
- human centered
- rejection of the happy ending
italian neorealism: how commitment to realism
1. anti professional actors
2 anti studio shooting
3 anti plot
4 contemporary stories
who were subjects of italian neorealism films
ordinary people (human centered)
film example of anti-professional actors
la terra trema - fishermen play themselves
who directed la terra trema
luchino visconti
film example of anti-plot (shapeless plot)
the bicycle thief - desperate life

(this dude is an actor)
film example of contemporary story
open city - different story of Italy (priest resists Nazis)
who directed open city
roberto rossellini
what is open city about
priest who tries to resist nazis