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what was the effect of war on american cinema
- more somber film
- film economic downturn
hollywood after wwi: what caused the film econ downturn
- paramount decrees
- less viewers
- tv
- huac
hollywood after wwi: what were the paramount decrees
straddled wwi
- studios were said to have monopoly (bad for indies); studios gave up exhibition of vertical integration
hollywood after wwi: why were audiences shrinking
what was huac
house un-american activities committee, they tried to seek out communists in filmmakers
what director was blacklisted by huac and booed when receiving academy award
elia kazan
hollywood after wwi: what were 2 important postwar genres
1. social melodrama
2. film noir
what was social melodrama like italian neorealism
- very similar, but didn't go so far
eg of social meoldrama
the best years of our lives
- how society has to readjust to the soldiers returning home
best years of our lives
william wyler
gregg toland
how did social melodrama compromise on italian neorealism
professional actors
real locations
tarnished heroes
happier endings
why couldnt hollywood have unhappy endings
balance social criticism with profit motive
another name for film noir
black film
what factors shaped film noir
- wartime social changes (movies about men losing power fr women)
- improved filmmaking technology
- studio economizing
- stylistic influences
film noir
what stylistic influences
- 1930s gangster films
- hard boiled fiction (gritty, naturalistic)
- direct lineage
- german expressionism
characteristics of film noir
- darkness
- obsession
- male anti-hero
- contrasting females
- pervading sense of doom
how is film noir dark
- visual
- psychological
- thematic (inevitable betrayal)
what is the film noir male anti-hero
guy figuring out what to do at the crossroads of good + evil
what are the 2 outcomes to film noir?
- adheres to personal moral code and survives
- syccumbs to temptation and corruption
sunset boulevard d.
billy wilder
sunset boulevard: what outcome happened (film noir)
he succumbs to temptation/corruption