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what was the french new wave
young filmmakers reacting against established commercial studio system
what was the first student filmmaking generation
french new wave
what was the french new wave critique on the system
- cinematically too conservative
- politically too conservative
where did the new wave style come from
- oppositional policies (quesitoning rules)
- limited resources (had to use what they could get, became part of the aesthetics)
how did fnw break cinematicrules
- hand held camera (from documentary)
- improvised plot and script
- unconventional continuity editing
why did fnw use hand held camera
- documentary = cinema verite, saying that they are capturing cinema truth
- brings documentary immediacy
how were fnw films improvised
film becomes a community project, everyone pitches into to the final film idea
continuity editing?
shot progression ls ms cu
2 shot
establishing shot
shot reverse shot
match action cut
glance object cut
//fades, dissolves
400 blows fnw examples?

directed by?
- improvised dialogue quesiton
- breaks with conventional continuity
d. Francois Truffant
breathless fnw examples?

directed by?
- matchless cut (bg changing)
d. jean luc godard
last year at marienbad fnw examples?
- flash cuts of recovered memories
d. Alian Renais
french new wave AESTHETICS?
1. broke cinematic rules
2. redidication to realism
3. movie references
4. goal: return joy/experimentation to filmmaking
5. cinema as ideological provocation
cleo from 5 to 7
how fnw/unconventional
- what we make films about? (film about waiting
- non-actors
movie references

- tributes cinematic masters

- les mistons (sprinkler gets sprinkled)& day for night (citizen kane dream)d. Francois Truffaut
eg of redidcation to realism
cleo 5 to 7: non-actors she passes on the street
small change
- children centered
- multiple protagonists
- less linear structure
- personal expression
who wrote the book on hitchcock
godard's project/goal?
connect cinema to life
godard's method
revolutionary attack on conventional filmmaking
godard's logic/reasoning for attacking conventional filmmaking
attack the studio system because it is capitalist
band of outsiders influence
- minute of silence: stops the sound
- dancing: stops the music, narration of what the people are thinking
what was the movie that is all stills
la jetee
who did band of outsiders
jean luc godard
who did la jetee, what was it
chris marker
- whole movie is stills
f new wave legacy
1. changes in continuity
2. worldwide cinematic experimentation
3. new american cinema