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rules of the game dir
jean renoir
what are the rules in rules of the game society
rules are inverted: everyone cheats/lies
who are 2 characters who don't play by inverted rules
schumacher, aviator (most vulnerable. they cause the problems
what is the purpose of the hunting seq
life is like a game, someone ends up getting killed (if you dont play by the rules)
what is the renoir motif the apple about
garden of eden apple
= sex, love, pleasure, experience is ok as long as not in excess
means sexual things will happen
when do characters eat apple?
lisette eats apple as she tries to deceive husband and sneak shumacher out; guy eating in grand illusion
who was renoir's father
pierre-august renoir (painter)
what were renoirs poetics
- realism
- recurring motifs
- complex mise en scene
- humanism
- real locations/natural sound/non-actors

- bc respect for nature
example of realism
- boudu saved from drowning - location shooting in paris
what were recurring motifs
- framing with doorways/windows
the river
- music (diegetic)
- theater
what do doorways/windows mean
connector (people to people, people to nature)
- equalizer (levels differences)
eg of framing with doorways and windows
- grand illusion - throws open window and sees soldier friend and nature
- The Grand Illusionpeople in pyramid looking out window
what does the river motif mean
life as continuous flow
hows music used
diegetic (celebrates joy of living)
how is music in renoirs
diegetic - celebrates the joy of living
eg of music in renoir
- boudu saved from drowning - maid cleaning the piano pounds on it
- toni - guy playing guitar in train
what does he think about boundaries
hates them, they are artificial and harmful
- class, religion, nationality
whys theater important
- people always putting on a show
- connection between performer + audience
- performance unifies
examples of theater
- rules of the game, octave pretends to lead orch
- grand illusion - theater manger show for girl
examples of doorways/windows as connectors
- grand illusion - mechanic goes through the doorway to widow tucking girl in
- the jew throws open the window and sees the mechanic outside + nature
eg of doorwways windows as equalizers
grand ill - everyone looking out the winodw in pyramid they are all the same
what are recurring motifs
- frmaing with doorways/windows
- river as life force
- music is diegetic
- theater
why complex mise en scene
he loves people + nature
what did complex mise en scene include
- long takes = continuous flow
- moving camera = more natural/inclusive
- moving actors
- deep focus (comp in depth)
eg of long take
the grand illusion: when there is fighting in the bg of schmacher + lisette, then they run out the back and the fight in the bg with the flailing girl is brought forward, then pan right to capture shumacher and lisette again
eg of moving camera
the grand illusion - window as equalizer then moving camera 180 degrees to see everything around
- rules of the game - the empty frame of grasses (full of nature)
why moving camera
importance of off screen space, wanna capture everything
eg of moving actors
poacher running by pan without cutting, farce continues while aviator/guy/woman are fighting in bg
why deep focus
everything is important
what is deep focus/depth of field/comp in depth
area in from of lense to infinity is in sharp focus
what does deeep focus say about renoir
- usually focus used to show importance and focus
- renoir says everyone is important
eg of deep focus
- mechanic outside window of jew, both in perfect focus + nature
- servents having dinner together, all in flcus. elites getting ready for bed, all in focus
what is renoir's humanism
- not judgemental
- likes them but not what they are doing
- "awful thing about life is this: everyone has their reasons"
elements of renoirs poetics
- realism
- recurring motifs
- complex m-e-s
- humanism