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why did john ford change his name, what before
didnt want to shame hsi family because film wasnt a good profession

sean feeney
what is john ford's huge thing
unresolved dialectic

fighting between love for and criticism of country
at this point was film grammar still being decided
no, it's how you use it
thematic tension in ford?
outsider (minorities) v. insider (patriots, maintream)

because grew up Irish American (black race) but loves country

> dualistic american history
what is a motif
repeated situation/image with special meaning
recurring situational motifs in ford
- song & dance (strength and unity of outsiders)
- parades & military marching (celebration of patriotic pride)
example of song and dance in ford
camp dance in The Grapes of Wrath: can't be fooled into a fight
importance of camp dance in grapes of wrath
- shows solidarity ofthe minorities that is expressed in song and dance
- wont be fooled into a fight
example of parades in ford
- grapes of wrath: workers marching with pails to work
- drums along the mohwak - soldiers on horses
- horse soldiers - cadets & soldiers on horizon
what does light and dark mean in ford
hopeful but troubled/tragic
what is the meaning of military in ford
- pride
- bonding together of minorities
- a way for minorities to get up and out of the gutters
who was grapes of wrath dp
gregg toland
how was dark v light in grapes of wrath
almost complete darkness (muley, ma watches tom leave, fight in the river with goonies)
in dark v light wath does dark mean
bad, sad, trouble, tragedy
what does foreground v. background mean
separates character from us (sadness & relationship strain)
examples of foreground v. background
- grapes of wrath tom separated from ma: distance between characters( and then huge long shot)
- stagecoach - ringo kidd and dallas come together but then are pulled apart by sheriff (distance again)
what are the 3 compositional motifs
- dark v. light
- foreground v. background
- framing with doorways and windows
purpose of framin with doorways/windows
- focus attn
how did ford solve problem of griffith's iris shot
framing with doorways/windows
example of doorways/windows to focus attn
- window of the truck
- two kids of fence
- tent and comforting rosasharn
how doorways and windows are used
- focusing using doorways/windows
- add depth
- represents beginning and end (moment of transition
- togetherness v separation
example of doorways and windows to add depth
- guys driving, steering wheel, desert
- running through the shack
example of doorways and windows to represent beginning and end
- tom comes back from hiding and realizes that he cant get involved (at doorway)
example of doorways and windows as bittersweet life
together but torn apart
- how green was my valley (family puts wages in apron and goes through door)
- the searchers - john wayne goes through the door, when he comes back at end does not go through door
what are key recurring themes in ford
sense of loss
- qualified happy ending (happy never quite resotred)
what is ford's humanism
focus on people over events (character over lot)
examples of ford's humanism
"the way it happens...the way ti happened ot me (muley)
- story of one person to represent the whole

- story of the rev war becomes story of soldier's farewell
3 types of camera angles, who is in power
high angle - diminishes character
low angle - increases char importance
eye level - neutral power
example of high angle shot
high noon clip (diminishes gary cooper)
example of low angle shot
- high noon - low angle of bad guys
- gone with the wind - woman realizes she cant control everything
- drums along - long angle of wife