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basis of 1930s comedy
comedy that is social critique of the system
what was different about comedy between silent and sound
after switch: social critique (exception: charlie chaplin)
what were the types of comedy?
1. screwball comedy
2. comedy of character
3. comedy of manners
4. social comedy
what are examples of screwball comedies
classical farces, romantic comedies
char of screwball comedy
- invesigates the war between the sexes
- male status quo is dull and humorless
what is the war between sexes?
what comedy is this
- fast paced combination of witty dialogue and slapstick
- confusion & improbable situations
- romance = clash of opposite conservative professional male + independent female (endorses one over the other)

screwball comedy
what is film ex of screwball comedy
- bringing up baby (howard hawks)
- fast and witty tempo (overlapping doalogue)
- confusion & improbable situations
- clash of opposites romance
who directed bringing up baby
howard hawks
what film has overlapping dialogue
how did it work
what comedy genre
- bringing up baby
- increased tempo, doesnt overlap at important info
- screwball comedy (fast witty tempo)
pulp fiction's significance in screwball comedy
refers to howard hawk's witty fast dialogue in bringin up baby
waht type of comedy is his girl friday
screwball comedy
what type of comedy is closest to buster keaton + charlie chaplin
comedy of character (character based)
example of comedy of character
keaton, chaplin, marx bros
screwball comedy: what types of comedy did bustor keaton & chaplin have
physical only
characteristics of comedy of character
- physical & verbal comedy types (unlike keaton/chaplin)
- look funny, talk funny, act funny
- disrupt the rigid repressed establishment
which marx brother was the silent type
why was this important
silent type
only physical comedy not verbal (like in silent film era)
what is comedy of cahracter about?
look funny, talk funny*, act funny
waht is the marx bros all about
disrupting the status quo
what was the horsefeathers clip about
- making fun of broadway musicals (groucho at college)
- silent comedy (harpo)
- assault on establishment
who was the key director with comedy of character
marx brothers
who was the key director with screwball comedy
howard hawks
key director with comedy of manners
ernst lubitsch
comedy of manners
- investigates "civilized" behavior to reveal pretense and hypocrisy (natural v. artificial)
- social institutions and conventions dehumanize
what 2 things is comedy of manners a tug of war between
natural (good and true) v. artificial (insitutional rules & conventions)

natural is much better
what types of movies did ernst lubitsch do?
big epics in europe, comedy of manners in us
what types of movies did howard hawks do
screwball comedy
what types of movies did the marx brothers do
comedy of character
what was the purpose of the shop aroudn the corner clip
you've got mail's earlier version

during the day: artificial, in letters your true self comes out
purpose of to be or not to be

who directed
what genre
shows who the nazis are (artificial) v. real life

dir. ernst lubitsch
comedy of manners
purpose of ninotchka

who direted
what genre
her job doesn't allow her to be human (has to remove artificiality to let natural romance bloom)

dir ernst lubitsch
comedy of manners
how was ninotchka marketed
garbo laughs
who directed the shop around the corner
ernst lubitsch
whats social comedy
fish out of water