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what was the triangle company

who were they

why created
filmmaking group

sennet, ince, dw griffith

to bypass the producers
who set up the prototype for the studio system
ince, established Inceville at SantaMonica, CA
ince's studio precedents?
1. division of labor
2. creative producer as project supervisor
3. shooting script is the blueprint
who was interested in script as a blueprint?
who made up the script on the spot
who made up the script in his head first and later shot it from head ideas
how did sennett start
writer at Porter's but left because no one else wanted to do comedies
what company did sennett make because no one wanted to do comedies?
keystone film company
who made parodies of dwg's chases?
what did sennett make parodies of (hint dwg)
dwg's chases
sennet's comedy method
1. comedy film is a series of gags with a chase ending
2. improv
- opportunistic filmmaking
- gag men
- undercranking
- "keystone editing"
- "gag rule"
what is keystone editing

whose idea
removing some frames to make funny jerky action

what is the gag rule

whose rule
begin, develop, finish gag in 90 seconds

influence of vaudeville on comedy?

who came from it
precision of vaudeville

chaplin + b keaton
how long from 150/week to 1 million/week
4 years: 25 -> 29