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what invention led to the idea of moving images with sound?

whose invention/

what was the original goal of film
to provide images for the phonograph
why was silent film considered counter intuitive
because the original idea was for image to accompany sound of the phonograph
what was advancement by analog

how did edison use this idea
building on your last success

edison tried to build onto the success of his phonograph
who worked on edison's problem of putting pics to phonograph
what methods did dickson try to put images to the phonograph?
tried putting images on cylinder

then tried celluloid and made the Kinetoscope
3 important dates and what were they
1895 - first screening in paris by lumiere brothers
1915 - birth of a nation
1923 - coming of sound (jazz singer?)
what was the kinetoscope

how long was the run of film
viewing machine, ran for 50 seconds (50 feet film), viewer on top.
what was the machine that made the kinetoscopes called
the kinetograph
what is kinetoscope
dickson's invention (edison's)
was both the viewing machine and the films themselves
name of edison dickson studio
black maria
how was the black maria lighted
sunlight through the roof, circular platform to chase the sun
2 first short clips? (when the workers were fooling around)
record of a sneeze
dickson greets
who were the first group of people to be kinetographed?

4 of the first clips?
vaudeville performers

the corbett-courtney fight, annie oakley, sandow the strong man, carmencita
who was the first woman captured on kinetograph
why was sandow the strong man clip unique
had a 3/4 shot
what were the edison-dickson advances
- perforated film
- intermittent motion of film
- shutter
- standardized film gauge (35mm)
what were the edison dickson drawbacks
- kinetograph was not portable (huge and electricity powered)
- studio bound, clausterphobic
- short film length (about a minute)
(also 1 person 1 film viewing because no projection)
who were the lumieres
they attempted to modify the kinetograph/kinetoscope
lumieres: who was the cinematographer
what machine did louis lumiere invent?
how big was it
the Cinematographe
what were cinematographe advances
- portable (light, wood, manually powered crank)
- versatile (it is the processor, camera, and projector)
- allowed for location shooting (brighter, more interesting films)
- standardized film speed (16 fps)
where was the first screening?
dec 1895, grand cafe in Paris.
what were the names of mini-documentaries
names of some actualites we screened? (5)
- baby's tea time
- sprinkler gets sprinkled
- arrival of a train
- the demolition of a wall
- the card game
what was the first narrative?
lumiere's sprinkler gets sprinkled
why was baby's tea time significant
because everyone was impressed with the prettiness of the tree movement
what was the first commercial?
the card game (lumiere's actualites)
what was the first masterpiece, why significant
arrival of a train (lumiere's actualites)
- striking perspective
why was demolition of a wall special
accidental recording backwards - special effect
what were lumieres' cinematic qualities?
- dynamic perspective (diagonal line)
- movement (indicates depth)
- composition in depth - recording on different planes

e.g.! Arrival of a train
why did edison's model get its butt kicked by lumieres'

what did he do about it
lumieres - projection, mass audience
edison - 1 image 1 viewer

made the change to maximize profits, put out the vitascope (a projector)
what were 2 vitascopes

whose were these
- leap frog
- tub race