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What is an essential difference between an ethical hacker and a cracker?
The ethical hacker has authorization from the owner of the target.
What does the term ethical hacking mean?
Someone who is using his/her skills for defensive purposes.
Who is an ethical hacker?
A person who hacks for defensive purposes.
What is Hacktivism?
Hacking for a cause.
Where should a security tester be looking for information that could be used by an attacker against an organization?
Chat rooms, WHOIS databases, News groups, Web sites, Search engines, Organization's own web site.
What are the two basic types of attacks?
Passive and active attacks.
You are footprinting to gather competitive intelligence. You visit the website for contact information and telephone numbers but do not find it listed there. You know that they had the entire staff directory lised on their website 12 months ago but now its not there. How would it be possible for you to retrieve information from the website that is outdated.
Visit site to retrieve the Internet archive of the acme webite.
Which federal statutes does FBI investigate for computer crimes involving e-mail scams and mail fraud?
18 U.S.C 1030 Fraud and related activity in connection with computers
Which of the folloing activities will not be considered passive footprinting?
Scan the range of IP address found in the target DNS database.