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Stretch of DNA that recognizes and binds to particular steroid receptor complex
response element
treats prostate enlargement
receptor agonist examples
tamoxifen, RU486
Chromosome X theory
A gene on the X chromosome may increase probability of gay males
If humans are detecting pheromones, it is through _____
olfactory epithelia
hair cells in the _____ push the _____, making the eardrum click
cochlea, tectorial membrane
Correlation between testosterone and sexual arousal for _____
both M and F
Disorder: M ducts develop (no AMH), but W ducts do too
Disorder: AMH secretion causes Mullerian ducts to regress
Androgen insensitivity syndrome
Disorder: Do not menstruate, don’t have pubic hair, infertile
Androgen insensitivity syndrome
_____ sex determines gonadal sex
____ makes male fetus more fragile
_______ causes male structures to develop, ______ causes female structures to develop
circulating testosterone, lack of testosterone
Small amounts of estradiol from female ovaries or from mom is sequestered by ______
Disorder: Develop as female, but lack normal ovaries so do not enter puberty
Turner's syndrome
____ binds to androgen receptor better than testosterone
stimulate development of testes
protein released from SRY
Disorder: Secreted testosterone can’t promote W ducts to produce male internal structures
Androgen insensitivity syndrome
Disorder: Because of atypical gene, leads to deficiency in enzyme
5α-reductase deficiency
Disorder: In XY, testes make T to masculinize Wolffian ducts, but skin has too little reductase to produce much DHT from T
5α-reductase deficiency
_____ sex determines phenotypic sex
genetic sex determines ____ sex
_____ are made in the yolk sac and migrate to the genital ridge
germ cells/gamete precursors
germ cells/gamete precursors are made in the yolk sac and migrate to the _____
genital ridge
_____ causes male phenotype
____ overrides DAX-1 in males
what causes mullerian to regress
____ needed to sustain cells in SDN
maybe gay men have smaller _____
INAH 3 may be homologous to rodent ____
INAH3 bigger in ____ than _____
males, females
Many sex differences in the brain and behavior are due to the conversion of _____ to _____ inside neurons in the brain
testosterone, estradiol
baby X experiment
men and women given baby dressed up as opposite sex- babies dressed as boys given guns, girls given dolls
rat mothers lick the anogenital region of _____ more than _____
sons, daughters
If make rat mothers _____, they groom all the pups less
unable to smell
Androgen insensitivity syndrome genotype
5α-reductase deficiency
What overrides SRY?
2 DAX-1s
Disorder: Urethral folds don’t fully enclose urethra
Many synthetic compounds used in herbicides, pesticides, etc. can mimic _____
steroid hormones
promotes ovarian development
DAX-1 on X chromosome
synthetic steroids are
endocrine disruptors
Disorder: Masculanization of external genitalia in females (enlarged clitoris, fused labia)
synthetic steroids can act as ______, blocking ______
contraceptives, gamete formation
Disorder: Because testes are smaller, don’t secrete much testosterone- if given early enough, can prevent effects
Klinefelter’s syndrome
decreases conversion of testosterone to DHT by inhibiting 5alpha
2 enzyme inhibitors
aromatase inhibitors, finasteride
releasing hormines target ____
anterior pituitary
steroids in BC tell brain that
no GnRH is needed
steroids are made out of ____